Tomura Shigaraki Costume Guide

My Hero Academia Boku no Hero Akademia New Edition Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Costume

Tomura Shigaraki Costume Guide

The strange-looking and dark Tomura Shigaraki is the primary antagonist of the anime series My Hero Academia. With the hope of one day killing All Might and reshaping society the way he wants it to be, Tomura is the leader of The League of Villains, but he’s far more sinister than most of them in his plans and desires.

With his frighteningly ghoulish features and creepy voice, Tomura doesn’t even look human and his Quirk gives him the terrifying ability to make whatever he touches rot and decay.

Not only is this guy evil through and through, but his misanthropic attitude makes him a very effective villain.

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Tomura Shigaraki Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero Academia


Tomura has shoulder-length dead-looking grayish-blue hair in clumpy varying lengths atop his head. To nail down this look for your costume, you can dye your own hair and style it in clumps, or you can wear a grayish-blue cosplay wig.

Run some hair mousse through to give your hairstyle a more clumpy, choppy appearance.


Tomura’s face is a deceased-looking pale shade, his eyes are bright red and scarred, and beneath his eyes the skin is yellow and wrinkled. He also has chapped lips.

You can use colored contact lenses to give yourself Tomura’s red-eyed glare, and for the facial effects, use blue and yellow Halloween face makeup and a small brush for the finer details.


When in his civilian clothing, Tomura wears a pair of black pants, a v-necked t-shirt and a long black duster coat with a hood on it.

When donning his villain attire, Tomura wears a long-sleeved v-necked shirt and black pants, but no coat.

Disembodied Hands:

By far the most repulsive feature of Tomura is that in his civilian costume, he keeps a disembodied hand in the pocket of his coat – but to make things even worse, when dressed as a villain he has fourteen various disembodied hands creepily latched onto various parts of his body, even one over his own face!

This feature could be rather tricky to replicate for a costume, but there’s lots of room for options. You can purchase similar-looking plastic zombie hands online from retail websites (plastic hands are usually sold in cheap sets as a Halloween novelty), and with some customization such as extra painted details, you can tailor them to look just like Tomura’s creepy collection.

Use string or a stick-on option to attach them to yourself while cosplaying.


To complete your Tomura costume, purchase a pair of bright red sneakers, which he wears with both his civilian outfit and his villain outfit.

Because Tomura has no visible socks, you can wear a pair of ankle socks which will be hidden under the sneakers so nobody will see them.