Miguel Rivera Costume Guide

Disney Movie Coco Miguel Rivera Coat Cosplay Costume

Disney Movie Coco Miguel Rivera Coat Cosplay Costume

In Pixar’s animated film ‘Coco’, Miguel Rivera is a young Mexican boy from Santa Cecilia whose ambition is to do what he loves, playing festive music and expressing his talent to make others happy. Unfortunately, his family has a thing against music-playing in general, much to his dismay, but a mishap involving Dia de los Muertos (English: Day of the Dead) festival gives him the courage to make his family understand his passion.

Don’t worry, Day of the Dead isn’t as spooky as it sounds, and in this lively and fun film, Miguel is a lovable and talented character! In fact, a Miguel Rivera costume is a great choice to liven up any party or cosplay convention.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Miguel Rivera costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Miguel Rivera Costume Ideas

Disney Coco Miguel Rivera Guitar Cosplay Weapon Prop

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Disney Coco Miguel Rivera Black Cosplay Wig

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Disney Movie Coco Miguel Rivera Halloween Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop

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How to Dress Like Miguel Rivera


Miguel has jet-black hair in a simple cropped style with a fringe of bangs to the right of his face just above his eyebrows. To get the right hairstyle for your costume, you can either dye and style your own hair, or wear a wig.

Browse online costume websites and Halloween stores for a good one, and use scissors to cut it to your preferences. If you already have black hair, you can style it to match Miguel’s. Just look at a snapshot of the character for inspiration!


At one point in the film, Miguel attempts to blend in with denizens of the land of the dead by painting his face to look like that of a Dia de Los Muertos style skeleton. Here is a good Miguel Rivera skull makeup tutorial to learn to do this yourself:

Outfit & Hoodie:

Miguel dresses casually in a plain white oversized t-shirt, a red unzipped sports hoodie with white piping on the sleeves and a basic pair of blue jeans. You can purchase these items from an online retail website, or you can browse local malls and thrift stores to see what you can find.


Miguel wears a simple pair of dark brown boots. This costume is a great choice if your convention or trick-or-treat route involves a lot of walking and you want comfortable footwear! You can purchase boots from any retail website, army surplus store or local shoe shop.


In the film, Miguel displays an incredible skill for a young boy, not just in music but also in craftsmanship, building his own guitar modeled after the one his idol De La Cruz used. It’s white and it has black designs etched onto it which involve Dia de los Muertos inspired imagery of skeletons and swirling paisleys.

Purchase a white acoustic guitar and use white and black paint and various brushes to recreate the design of Miguel’s guitar.

Use yarn, thread or wire to make the strings, and carry it with you just like Miguel does in Coco! This extra piece will be sure to help you stand out from the crowd at any party or cosplay convention you go to.

About Miguel Rivera


“Sometimes I think I’m cursed, ’cause of something that happened before I was even born.

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