Zatanna Zatara Costume Guide

DC Young Justice Zatanna Cosplay Costume

Zatanna Zatara Costume Guide

Zatanna Zatara is a popular female superhero from DC comics. Although she debuted as a stage magician, she inherited actual sorcery powers from Giovanni Zatara, her father. Her powers including the ability to influence elements around her or wipe memories gave her a place in the Justice League. She also has a relationship with the famous antihero, John Constantine. If you want to participate in a cosplay event, Zatanna will be a great choice since preparing the costume is very easy with all the items easily available with very little or no modifications required.

Zatanna’s costumes include a satin top hat, a long and wavy black wig, black magician-style jacket, fishnet stockings, white bow tie, gloves and black high heels.

Read below to learn how to dress like Zatanna Zatara for cosplay or halloween.

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How to Dress Like Zatanna Zatara


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Zatanna Zatara Costume Ideas

Top Hat:

Just like her father, Zatanna also wears a top hat which is a common clothing option for many stage magicians. You can easily get a similar magician’s hat at a costume store or buy it online. Remember to remove the fake hat trim and add a black satin ribbon.

Zatanna’s Hair:

In comic books, Zatanna has long black, wavy hair. Color and style your hair according to her looks in the comics. If you don’t have long hair, you can always purchase a wig in a similar style.

Vest and Jacket:

Zatanna’s signature look includes a white vest or a corset over a white shirt. These items are easily available. If you want to opt for the New 52 costume, go with a yellow corset. Wear the shirt and corset over a low cut black leotard.

For the jacket, get a black tuxedo with tails or search for a magician’s tuxedo at any costume store. For the New 52 costume, use a black cape instead of a tuxedo. Use a pink colored lapel pin shaped like a flower to pin on the tuxedo.

Shoes and Stockings:

In both the classic and New 52 comics, Zatanna’s wears black fishnet stockings and knee length black colored high heel shoes. Both of them can be easily obtained at any store, local or online. If you are not comfortable with heels, black boots are also an appropriate choice.


Before going to a cosplay event dressed as Zatanna, remember that you are sporting the look of a sorcerer. Get a black wand or a long black cane. An optional way to attract the audience is to get a vanishing cane. Both of them are popular magic trick accessories available at any online store selling trick items for magicians. You can also get some small and handy beginner’s magic kit items or practice coin or card magics which will make your cosplay really stand out.

Before finalizing the costume, study the different costumes adorned by Zatanna in comics or TV series. Finalize the items according to your choice and comfort and you are all ready to rock the convention floor or halloween party.


About Zatanna Zatara


I have wiped the memories of so many of the League’s enemies. I’ve tried to change evil men to good ones. I’ve abused people’s minds. And I’ve done it to one friend too many already.

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