Static Shock Costume Guide


In the DC universe, Static Shock is a super-cool, super-charged superhero who got his electrifying powers from a gas leak during a gang shootout.

In spite of getting involved briefly with gangs, Virgil “Static” Hawkins is a deeply caring and dedicated young man who wants to protect Dakota and its citizens and use his abilities for good. After tragically losing his mother at a young age, Static still went on to become not only a superhero, but an honor roll student and beloved friend.

If you’re a fan of the Warner Brothers animated series Static Shock or the 2019 live-action Netflix fan film, this is the perfect costume choice!

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Static Shock Costume Ideas

DC The New Batman Adventures Future Static Shock Cosplay Costume

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DC The New Batman Adventures Future Static Shock Blue Yellow Shoes Cosplay Boots

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DC Comics Static Shock Virgil Ovid Hawkins Cosplay Costume

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Static Shock


Static Shock has dark brown hair in sharply-angled dreadlocks which stand out from his head, pushed back by his blue (and also sometimes depicted as yellow) plastic visor and white eye mask.

You can recreate a similar look by styling your own hair to look like Static’s, or by wearing a wig.

In the 2018 fan film, Static Shock has a similar hairstyle, however his hair is angled more downwards. You can choose either style.


Static Shock wears a yellow and dark blue long-sleeved coat with black coloring at the top, lined with yellow material, over black pants and a white tank top with a black lightning bolt symbol on it.

In some depictions, his tank top is black instead and features a yellow lightning bolt symbol. In the live-action version, he wears a bright yellow hoodie with the phrase “Men Smile” repeatedly written on the front in black basic font letters, along with dark jeans and a light blue denim jacket over the hoodie.

You can either dress as the cartoon version of Static Shock from the animated series, the version from the live-action short film, or you can mix and match outfit costume pieces from both versions, so this is a great costume if you love having a lot of choices to work with!


Static Shock wears white and yellow metallic-looking gloves, and can shoot electricity straight out of his hands! You can use clip-on white LED lights for a similar glowing effect, and you can order white and yellow gloves from most retail stores and accessories shops.

He also wears a black and silver belt, which you can also find at retail websites. For his footwear, purple rubber boots with black and yellow accents, you can use a purple pair of rubber boots and customize them with paint.

In the live-action short film, Static Shock wears a grayish-beige school backpack often. You can find similar backpacks online from retail websites, as well as shopping malls and school supply outlets.

If you really want to energize the crowd, you could try adding a little sizzle by dressing up an electric unicycle with a silver cardboard plate to get Static Shock’s mode of transportation down.