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DC Comics Black Canary Cosplay Costume

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In the DC comics universe and Earth One, Black Canary, also known by the name Dinah Drake and later Laurel Lance, is a vigilante superhero whose multitude of talents includes super swift martial arts moves and a sonic canary cry.

She’s both fast and dangerous, but she always does the right thing and helps the good guys in any fight for justice and order. This mysterious woman usually teams up with Green Arrow.

Dressing up in a Black Canary costume at your next convention or Halloween party has the added benefit of allowing you to scream like a banshee for fun!

Learn how to dress as Black Canary with our DIY costume guide.

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Black Canary Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Black Canary


Black Canary’s hairstyle has changed slightly over time, but one thing she’s never lost is her striking blonde locks. They usually just fall down past her shoulders with wavy bangs going over her left eye.

You can either style, cut and dye your own hair to get this look, or you can purchase a blonde wig from a Halloween store or online website. Remember to search for a wig with wavy bangs!


Black Canary’s makeup consists of black mascara, black eyeliner in a seductive cat’s eye style and dark red lipstick. You can find all these supplies online through makeup websites and online retail shops, or locally at any drugstore. Use makeup video tutorials for extra guidance if you need to.


Black Canary has worn a few varieties of her signature black leather outfit in many appearances, but her latest in her portrayal by actress Katie Cassidy is made of a long-sleeved black leather shirt, black fingerless gloves and black skinny jeans.

You can get these supplies online from retail websites or check your local shopping mall to see what’s available. The gloves will also come in handy in colder weather!


To finish off your costume, you’ll need a few accessories, including Black Canary’s black leather belt, her black bird-like eye mask, the black leg holsters she wears for weapons and last but not least, her black police baton which she uses to smack down baddies.

As a final touch, pick up a pair of black boots from any local shoe shop or retail website so you can head out to your upcoming event looking just like this classic lady of justice when you arrive there.