Power Girl Costume Guide

DC Comics Power Girl

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Power Girl Costume Guide

In DC Comics, Power Girl is Superman’s cousin and a lot like him in many ways. With her aggressive fighting style, down-to-earth view of things and mature attitude, she’s not only a great role model but a dedicated young woman to justice and humanity.

Like Superman, she can’t be around Kryptonite, but she’s a brilliant and talented hero with an iconic look that stands out among others in the comics as individual and striking. If you’re a huge fan of the DC universe, what better way to show it off than by dressing up as Power Girl at your next party or convention?

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Power Girl costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Power Girl Costume Ideas

DC Comics Power Girl

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DC Comics Power Girl

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DC Comics Power Girl Kara

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Power Girl Body Suit

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How to Dress Like Power Girl


Power Girl has a unique look for a super heroine because of her sleek bleach-blonde bob cut. To get this hairstyle, you can either dye and cut your own hair, or you can temporarily wear a pale blonde wig and cut it to be the right look if need be. Check out online costume websites and party stores, and don’t forget to buy a rubber wig cap to keep it in place!


No superhero would be complete without their cape, and Power Girl is no exception. She wears a classic shiny red cape over her shoulders, a white long-sleeved, legless body suit with an oval-shaped hole cut in the chest of it and a stylish red belt to accent the cape. Shop online at Halloween stores or cosplay websites for a pre-made Power Girl suit, or you can make your own by sewing with stretchy fabric. Choose fabric with a bit of an elastic give to make the outfit look more realistic.

For the red cape, you can purchase a cape from an online retailer, or you can use a red bedsheet as an alternative. Tie the corners around your shoulders or put a thick string on the sheet that can be tied to hold it in place. For the belt, you can buy one online or use a thin strip of red fabric to create one yourself.


Power Girl wears elbow-length gloves in a shade of crisp classic blue, and her feet are accented by white vinyl platform boots. Many online costume websites and local party stores sell these items. Check online to find a good pair of boots that fit you, or ask around at shoe stores to see what’s available. When buying gloves, look for a strong but lightweight pair in blue or see if they’re already available with a pre-made Power Girl costume for sale online.


Power Girl’s not a heavy makeup user, but in many of the comics she appears to wear simple mascara and peach-pink lipstick. You can shop online to find a good tube of basic black mascara and peach lipstick or lip gloss. If you can, opt to buy waterproof mascara so it won’t flake off during your next convention.

About Power Girl


You can call me Power Girl, Wildcat. It’s as good a name as any other, and it won’t confuse you with my cousin. His name you already know–it’s Superman.

Cosplay Examples

Costume Ideas

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