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Marvel Blade Cosplay Costume

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What better way to get a style that bites than with a Blade costume? Blade, also known as Eric Brooks, is half vampire, half human, one of a rare breed that can go in the sunlight without getting hurt.

Being a supernatural creature isn’t all fun and games, though. Blade has a mission to hunt down the very monsters who murdered his beloved mother. He won’t rest until he’s finished, and in the meantime he remains one of the most interesting heroes in the Marvel universe.

Get ready to stalk through the night (and day!) with a costume that’ll turn heads at any party or convention!

Blade Costume Ideas

Marvel Blade Cosplay Costume

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Elsword Raven Blade Master Cosplay Costume

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LOL League of Legends Talon Blade's Shadow Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Blade


Blade wears a black ammo vest, basic black pants and a long black trench coat that would put ol’ Count Dracula to shame. Check online websites or your favorite Halloween store for these items, and browse around clothing websites to see what you can find.


As a hunter, what Blade costume would be complete without the right weapons? Blade carries an assortment of melee weapons and other arms, including silver swords and a collection of metal stakes to take down his enemies.

Blade’s sword is very basic-looking, a medieval style with a sleek blade, which you can replicate by creating a prop with foam or other craft materials or buy a similar prop sword online. Use a photo of Blade to inspire yourself as you shop!

Check the rules at your upcoming convention or party to make sure you’re allowed to bring items resembling weapons.


Blade wears a pair of ultramodern sunglasses, a black belt and a pair of heavy black combat boots. You can find these items online, or check around at army surplus store websites through Amazon or other vendors to find an authentic-looking pair of boots.

For sunglasses, look for a pair with opaque black lenses to make your costume look like the real deal. Blade also wears black leather gloves – don’t forget to add a basic pair to your cart as you plan your costume!

About Blade


I promise you, you’ll be dead by dawn.

Cosplay Examples

Costume Ideas

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