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BoJack Horseman Costume Guide

BoJack Horseman Costume DIY Guide for cosplay and halloween

As his name implies, BoJack is indeed a man-like horse and the main character of the adult animated cartoon series ‘BoJack Horseman’. Set in a world where human beings and anthropomorphic animals live side-by-side, this series has become acclaimed for the realistic and understanding manner by which it addresses various topics, from depression to asexuality. BoJack himself is a self-loathing, bitter alcoholic but a decent horse-guy trying to cope with his freeloading roommate and the often bizarre Hollywood World.

He once starred in a sitcom during the 1990’s, and now wonders when his fame will return. BoJack Horseman is a unique and quirky costume sure to steal the show at any cosplay convention or halloween party.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY BoJack Horseman costume for cosplay or halloween.

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How to Dress Like BoJack Horseman

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How to Dress Like BoJack Horseman


It might be odd to see a man with a horse’s head out on the streets in everyday life, but in BoJack’s world of Hollywood satire, it’s commonplace. To nail down this look, search online costume websites or your local party store for a brown horse mask. If the eye holes are too small, you can use scissors and tailor the mask to fit you. You can also use cardboard, paper and paint to create your own homemade horse mask. BoJack has a black mane of hair. If you can’t find a horse mask with a black mane, you can use black fabric or markers to alter the mask and give it a more authentic BoJack look.


BoJack is a sharp dresser but kind of a mixed-up one as well. He wears a dark gray blazer over a baggy blue sweater and turquoise pants. You can buy all these things online. Look for light turquoise pants (any fabric and style is fine), a slightly wrinkled, out-of-shape sweatshirt and a stylish businessman blazer to complete the look. If you can’t find an out-of-shape sweater, try stretching a new blue sweater out of shape yourself by yanking on it and pulling at it. BoJack’s heyday was in the 1990’s, so look for a sweater cut in a style of the era.

Converse Sneakers:

Converse sneakers were a huge 1990’s fad, and it looks like BoJack Horseman isn’t letting go of his any time soon! Shop online for a pair of Converse shoes in a classic bright red and white. If you’re unable to locate Converse sneakers, use another brand of red shoes with white accenting rubber.

Heavy Drinker:

Bojack is an alcoholic. You probably don’t want to be bringing real beer to your next costume convention or halloween party, but you can use a fake empty bottle and carry it around sticking out of your pocket as an nice accent to your costume. Check the rules of your convention beforehand to see what you are and aren’t allowed to bring.

BoJack Horseman might not be the big-shot TV star he once was, but this costume is great for any cartoon fan who wants to show off their favorite character! Get your friends to dress up as other characters from the show like Mr. Peanutbutter or Princess Carolyn so you’ll be a complete set when you go out to your next party or cosplay event.

About Bojack Horseman


There is no shame in dying for nothing. That’s why most people die.

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