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Princess Carolyn Costume Guide

Princess Carolyn DIY Costume Guide
Princess Carolyn: DIY Cosplay

Princess Carolyn, in spite of her name, ain’t no princess. She grew up in a poor household in Basically Nowhere, North Carolina, the daughter of a drunk mother who discouraged her from following her dreams. Because of that she’s a hard-working, career-driven woman who still wants a family even though she struggles to maintain a relationship. 

Checkout our recommendations on cosplay for this cool kitty. 

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Princess Carolyn Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Princess Carolyn from ‘BoJack Horseman’


Princess Carolyn is a pale bubblegum pink kitty. If you’re feeling frisky, you can dye your own hair pink, but it’ll also be easy to find a pink wig (keep it short—think bob). 


Princess wears a kelly green, skin tight tank dress with little yellow fish on it. You should easily be able to find the dress in stores or online. You can forego the fish, paint them on with yellow fabric paint, or search for the fabric and a pattern online and make the dress yourself. The dress is topped with a simple yellow cardigan. 

Pink tights will give you that authentic Princess Carolyn look. 

Accessories and Makeup: 

Red pumps are Princess Carolyn’s shoe of choice. But the heel is a sensible height—she is a working lady, after all. 

She also wears a thin, darker green belt around her waist. 

Her favorite necklace is a short gold chain with a wide band, and a triangle with a red jewel in the center. You could make this with different pieces of ribbon and fabric, and attach it with velcro. Or, if you’d just like the idea of the necklace without worry of complete accuracy, you could go thrifting for something similar. 

Make sure to find a pair of pink kitty cat ears on a headband, or make your own with felt, fabric, and pink faux fur. 

Got a guy friend going with you to the costume party or comicon? Convince him to dress up a BoJack! You’ll be the perfect…or perfectly awkward pair.