Burt Macklin Costume Guide

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Burt Macklin Costume Guide

Does this look like a job for law enforcement? Look no further. Even though he’s “only” an alter ego, Andy Dwye—err—Burt Macklin is the right man for the job. He’s a delightful goof who means business, and you can too at your next cosplay convention or halloween party. 

Read our guide to get the look of Parks and Recreation Andy Dwyer’s FBI costumed alter ego.

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Burt Macklin Costume Ideas

Ninjala Burton Golden Cosplay Wig

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How to Dress Like Burt Macklin from ‘Parks and Rec’


Burt Macklin has a scruffy, but handsome charm. He’s unkempt, but it still looks like he’s put in some effort, so you can’t fault him for trying. 

His hair is mousey brown, and a little longer than it should be. He hard parts it on the right. He has a short beard the creeps onto his neck…which is really just because he’s too lazy to shave. 


Burt isn’t a cop but he sure does look like one. His look is very simple, and everything will be easy to find at a second hand store or retail chain, save the FBI jacket. You might have to go to the internet for that one. 

He wears a long sleeve, pastel yellow, button down and black dress pants. Simple, yet almost stylish.

We’ll get to the accessories, but you can’t be Burt without his navy “FBI” jacket—how will everyone know you work for the FBI if you’re not wearing it on your chest!? You’ll definitely find it online, but you can also check your local halloween or costume stores. 


Just a couple more steps to going full-Burt Macklin. 

A brown necktie makes Burt go from zero to pro instantly. A pair of black dress shoes brings it all together. 

And everyone knows that a good agent has a pair of dark aviator-style sunglasses, so Burt does too. 

So grab a gal to be your April (or Janet Snakehole) and be the best crime-solving couple at the convention.

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