Leslie Knope Costume Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7 Leslie Kyle Cosplay Costume

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Leslie Knope Costume Guide

On the NBC sitcom ‘Parks & Recreation’, Leslie Knope is an overachieving blonde bombshell but also a resourceful woman behind that goody-two-shoes personality.

A Deputy Director for Pawnee, Indiana, she loves her job and believes that the government is an institution that must serve the people. Of course, with mishaps happening at every turn of the show and a budding romance with her close friend, Leslie’s life is never what she expects it to be!

If you want to totally deputize yourself for your next cosplay convention or Halloween scene, this is a great costume choice!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Leslie Knope costume for cosplay or Halloween!

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Leslie Knope Costume Ideas

Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7 Leslie Kyle Cosplay Costume

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Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7 Leslie Kyle Brown Shoes Cosplay Boots

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Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7 Leslie Kyle Silver Cosplay Wig

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Leslie Knope from ‘Parks & Rec’


Leslie is instantly recognizable on the show for her shoulder length bleached blonde hair. With wavy side bangs and small curls at the tips, she’s always in style everywhere she goes! You can either dye and style your own hair or wear a light blonde wig and style it to your preferences. Search online costume websites or your local Halloween store for a good wig and use hairspray to hold everything together.


Leslie’s not a big makeup guru but she does like a simple faded rose lipstick and mascara. You can order these supplies online or buy them from your local drugstore cosmetics counter. She always has a smile on her face, so practice your own at home so you can pull off the perfect Leslie Knope look at your next convention!


Leslie is a big fan of formal business attire, and it definitely shows. She’s rarely seen without her gray blazer, a matching skirt or pair of dress pants and her favorite light blue blouse underneath.

Check around online for a fitted women’s blazer with side pockets made of durable fabric, gray pants or a gray pencil skirt of the same or similar material, a lightweight cotton blouse made of blue fabric with buttons, and a pair of nylon pantyhose to complete the ensemble.


Leslie wears a variety of different shoes on the show, so there’s tons of room for creativity here. Since she’s a professional at heart, pick something formal and classy like flats or high heels in whichever color you like best. Some colors that go great with this outfit would be black, blue, brown or gray, but you can pick any color you want and any material that you think looks best, as well.

About Leslie Knope


“I am big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself

Leslie Knope in Action

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