Deb Bradshaw Costume Guide

How to Dress Like Deb Bradshaw

Dress Like Deb Bradshaw

Deb Bradshaw Costume Guide

If you are looking for a bright and fun costume that has a bit of nostalgia, this cosplay guide will get you ready to sell some handicrafts door to door as Napoleon Dynamite’s Deb.

Deborah “Deb” Bradshaw is a young high school student and amateur glamour shot producer and Napoleon Dynamite’s love interest in the cult classic film.

Socially awkward and mousy, Deb is portrayed as difficult to converse with, however she befriends Napoleon and Pedro after Napoleon returns her box of handicrafts to her in apology for his rudeness upon first meeting her.

Unfortunately for Napoleon, his creepy Uncle Rico alienates Deb from him after offering her an embarrassing breast enhancement product for sale, but the two friends reconcile after Pedro successfully wins the school election.

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Deb Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Deb Bradshaw from Napoleon Dynamite


Despite being born in the early 1990’s, Deb’s hair is stuck in 1985 in terms of style. When wearing it casually she keeps her auburn-colored hair in a side ponytail, and when at the school dance, she has it crimped in a frizzy high ponytail.

You can recreate this look for your own costume by styling and dying your own hair or by wearing a wig.

If you are unsure how to do Deb’s hairstyles, look up video tutorials for how to do a good side ponytail and how to crimp your hair, or look for a crimped hair cosplay wig.


Deb has an ever-stony facial expression (except when she’s extremely happy or upset), and she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, just a dark peach-colored lip gloss.

You can purchase lip gloss online from retail websites, or from drugstores and cosmetics shops.


Deb wears pale pastel shirts, usually high-collared t-shirts or short-sleeved blouses, and they are in shades of pink and white.

She wears pastel blue pants, and when at the school dance she wears a pink puffy formal dress with large short sleeves.

For the dress, search for a lightweight pink dress in a prom-type style.


Upon first meeting Napoleon at his house, Deb is going door-to-door trying to promote her glamour portraits and her homemade handicrafts. After being told off and dismissed by Napoleon’s brother, Kip, needless to say Deb is frustrated, but Napoleon makes it up to her and even keeps one of her keychains that she made.

For this accessory, purchase a purple plastic box like the one Deb sells her keychains in, and add some keychains made of rainbow plastic string.

Search retail websites and houseware stores for the purple box.

For footwear, check out shoe stores for a pair of white flats like Deb’s, which she wears without socks.

As one last finishing touch, you’ll need Deb’s bright pink fanny pack.

A tacky fad of a bygone era, Deb is none the wiser and likes wearing it while doing her door-to-door work. You can buy fanny packs at retail websites and athletics shops.