Top 15 Cheap Cosplay Costumes From Anime

Black Butler FC Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Costume

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Top 15 Cheap Cosplay Costumes From Anime

Cosplaying is hard. At times, you need a lot of money to bring the character to life. We get it. That’s why we’re here with some cheap cosplay costumes. Make sure you check them all out.

Luffy costume:

One of the big three. Monkey D Luffy’s been around for so long. It’s safe to say that he’s one of the very best anime characters. He makes all kinds of stuff happen. He’s responsible for giving us so many cool moments. He for sure is a favorite of everyone out there.

The Luffy cosplay outfit is perfect to show your love. Whether you want to go for an old look or want to be the time skip guy. Anything is possible when it comes to Luffy.

The straw hat is the same and the outfit hasn’t changed much. Getting that scar will be a bit hard but I’m sure there are ways. Ways and means you can use to cheat your way through.

The red and blue are all here to kick some ass and give you that gum gum. This anime outfit will be recognizable from a mile away. People won’t be able to mistake him for someone else. That makes it the perfect cheap character cosplay choice.

Naruto costume:

Another one of the ogs. Another member of the big three that just doesn’t leave anyone’s head. The guy from leaf village is just something else. The way we’ve seen him grow over the years. The way the snot kid we knew is a hokage now. It’s just unreal and amazing to say the very least.

Just like Luffy, you can go for the kid or the grown-up look. Both of them work really well and make the character come to life. Having a lot of fans, it’s the perfect anime cosplay idea for anyone. The Naruto outfit will never get old no matter what.

It’s been done so many times but still is a hot cake even today. That just shows how big Naruto is as an anime. It’s just crazy when you think about it like that. So many characters, so many arcs. But one thing that’s there in the center of everything is the blonde kid. Naruto himself. The Naruto cosplay attire is perfect. If you’re going for a cheap sick cosplay, then this is your thing. Grab it while it’s hot and become a member of the shadow clone army.

Goku costume:

The big three just don’t give us a break. Goku is here to make the trio complete. He didn’t like the other two hogging away all the glory for themselves. Respectable.

Goku is another one of the very few characters who just never get old. Plus, he’s got so many forms that you can pull off.
Making the Goku cosplay costume pop up would be great. Doing all those iconic poses and interactions with everyone. That just makes everyone experience Dragon Ball z in real life. You can’t miss the opportunity to be the one making that happen.

Don’t let the other characters outdo you at all. You have a million forms and are way stronger for sure. Expect of course, Saitama. Plus, who wants to lose to Naruto and Luffy right?

Sasuke costume:

The coolest kid is in the house. The Uchiha Sasuke cosplay outfit never gets bland or repetitive. It’s still one of the top picks when it comes to cosplay. You can’t miss out on the Sharingan guy. A lot of looks to choose from, it gives you a lot of options.

Depending on your mood, you can make all kinds of things pop up. All kinds of conversations to have with all these characters. It’s like you’ll be having a real busy time. That’s the perfect thing about the Sasuke outfit that people love. Get one for yourself while it’s still there. Don’t let it sell out on you.

Trafalgar Law outfit:

The Surgeon of Death is here to make some rearrangements. Watch out for his techniques cause he can take some ‘hearts’ with him. The warlord look, the supernova look, the dresrossa look. There’s a bunch to choose from no? Plus, it’s cheap so it’s like the best thing ever. What more could you ask for?

One Piece is all over the place right now. With the Wano and everything happening. You just can’t miss out on the warlord by any means. Make him pop up all of a sudden here in the real world.

People would love to see the whole look since the character is cool. One look at him and you can see that he’s something else. Get ready to have some sick pictures taken cause the cameras are there.

My Hero Academia uniforms outfit:

A show that’s taken the whole world by storm. Boku no Hero Academia is just something else. The best thing about this My Hero Academia cosplay outfit is the utility.
You can make any character come to life with it. It makes you resurrect any character from the anime world. The whole UA look is copied really well with this one.

This cheap cosplay costume would be perfect for the fans. Bring every UA character come to life with this one. Even the A class. It’s cheap and can be used as a normal outfit as well. How cool is that?

Dabi costume:

Mysterious to the very core, making people question reality itself. Dabi is just suspense at it’s very best. With all these rumors circulating that made things all the better. You can’t help but love the character for his personality.

The Dabi cosplay outfit is the perfect way to show your love.
Plus, it’s got that spooky look to it so it’s a good fit for an expo. Even theme parties would love to have some of it. It’s just that sick that people would love to see it.

This Dabi costume features everything a fan could ask for. Learn a few iconic lines and make sure the makeup is on point. Make the character shine at it’s very best.

Shouto Todoroki outfit:

Just the guy we were looking for. Dabi and Todoroki, next to each other. I won’t say anything more than just that. The half and half guy has been outdoing every ‘full’ guy at the academy. He’s just a pro at everything he does and has that cool look to him.

That’s exactly what the girls love. The Shouto Todoroki cosplay suit is perfect for expos. There are also a bunch of options to choose from. Whatever you feel like, just go for it. The price tag isn’t much on this one either making it a good deal. You shouldn’t miss out on this one.

No. 9 Type S:

Nier Automata’s here for the fans. The game was just incredible. Plus, the ability to play as both of the characters. Just bravo. Story telling at it’s very best, square going all out. Props to them. Another example of the perfect duo cosplay.

Make 2B and 9S come together. Hand in hand, making everyone else jealous to the very core. The 9S cosplay outfit makes the character look even better. It’s so cool, no matter what angle you’re viewing it from. It’s also perfect for every fan out there. It’s hard to walk around in, sure. But it makes up for it with everything else it has to offer.

Make every character look a little too ‘normal’ with this 9S cosplay suit. With the game coming up, it’s the perfect time to pull it up. It’s kinda forgotten but we’ll make sure he hits the spotlight.

Obito outfit:

The man’s here to ruin everything once again. He for sure made Orochimaru look like an ambitious kid. Nothing more, nothing less. But his story with Kakashi and all that the guy went through. That made us fall in love with his character in an instant. Made us want to see more of the character. But that didn’t happen.

Needless to say, the character still lives in our hearts. Will always be alive as long as we’re up and breathing. The Obito cheap cosplay outfit is perfect to resurrect the character. It’s perfect to catch up with Kakashi, talk about all that went down. It’ll be amazing to play out that very fight scene once again. Make sure you get a video of it cause it’s going to be super viral.

Kakashi costume:

We sure do a great job arranging names no? Kakashi and Obito, the perfect duo here just for the fans. Make everyone relive one of the best arcs the show had. Make everyone get hit by that rollercoaster of emotions. That medley of feelings that vibrated them inside out.

Make the old days come to life with the Kakashi outfit. It’s a fan favorite and one of the most iconic outfits. It never gets old and will always be a hot pick. The Kakashi cosplay suit is perfect for a number of occasions.

Make sure you bring in that sick voice and hand signs as well. That would make it look like the guy got lost on his way to the studio. But that’s exactly what we want. As original as it gets here in the real world.

Jotaro Kujo costume:

All swagged up, always ready to kick ass. Jotaro Kujo is in a word, badass. He’s a guy who’s just brimming with testosterone. A guy who we want to go up against Dio all the time.

His iconic interaction with Dio that just never gets old. That exchange of dialogues that has given birth to so many videos. The Jotaro Kujo cosplay outfit would bring Jojo back in the picture. It’s been on a break after Golden Wind, sure. But we want to see more of the iconic character. That ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!�? Something that would never get old no matter what. It offers a lot for what you’re paying for.

You wouldn’t be seeing a deal like this anywhere else. Better grab it quickly while you can. I’m pretty sure a lot of people already clicked on the link. Make the Jotaro Kujo cosplay dress look the best.

Howl costume:

The pompous character is here. You can’t miss out on him if you’re a Ghibli fan. The wizard that makes Merlin look like a kid at times. Howl is undoubtedly the best wizard we’ve seen in anime.

Showing us such a beautiful story through and through. Ghibli movies have some titles that are just too good. Grave of the Fireflies, Howl’s moving castle, Spirited Away. You just can’t miss out on the guy who makes the magic come to life.

The Howl’s outfit is perfect for all the fans. The flamboyant look is just too classy for expos. It would make the fans happy. Plus, it’s a cheap cosplay costume for all that it’s offering so it’s just too good to be true. But it’s reality, we’re looking at our screen here in the real world.

Akatsuki robe:

The iconic anime costume that everyone wants. The Akatsuki robe has always been a fan favorite. With so many sick characters doing all kinds of stunts in it. You can’t help but want one for yourself, right? All of us feel the same way. It’ll be like a race of who gets it first and who’s left behind.

It’s going to be fun. But seriously the Akatsuki robe is just really cool.
It’s like utility at it’s very best with so many characters to choose from. You can’t help but want to pull off each and every look out there.

That’s just how the robe works. A lot of wigs and everything but yeah, that wouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you make every character come to life. Only then would the fans really feel like it’s a Naruto cosplay. It’s really well made and works for a lot of faces.

Tanjiro costume:

The guy from Demon Slayer, the anime of the year. The show is just all over the place and makes you super hyped. The checkered look suits him really well and makes you want to dress up.

The Kamado Tanjiro costume makes you the character right away. That’s going to come in super handy with Muzan on the loose. You might run into him at the convention. Be sure to react the same way he did back in the initial episodes.

It’s a really easy cosplay outfit with people going crazy about it. You have to jump on the hype train and make people see it. With the new movie out, you have to make everyone witness greatness. It’s just the right thing to do. Make everyone a fan once again. again.

How to choose your cosplay costume:

First, you have to ask yourself a question. ‘Who’s my favorite character?’ The first one that pops up needs to be the one you cosplay as. Only move on from that choice if it’s not available or sold out. That’s cause you’ll be super passionate and super dedicated about the whole thing. And that would make you pull off a cosplay to remember.

Plus, you have to look up a bunch of sites beforehand. Honey would help too cause we want to save some hard-earned cash. Try to get the wig as well cause we want the whole look. We want the makeup to be on point as well. Only then will the character come to life.

Some characters go really well with some faces. If there’s a character that you resemble facially, go for him/her. It will make you look a mirror image of the character. And fans love that more than anything. The shows that are on fire provide great picks as well.

They feature characters that are easy to cosplay as in. That makes you look all the more ‘relevant’ and everything. Also, make sure you look at a list of popular characters right now. That would give you an idea as to what the top picks are.


Cosplaying can be really hard. We get it. We sure would love some cheap stuff. These cheap cosplay costumes are just what you’re looking for. Make sure you get them before they’re sold out. Cause that would suck to be honest. A lot of conventions and expos coming your way. Make sure you’re at your best at them. The characters would make the magic happen with you pulling the strings. The perfect dance.

Black Butler FC Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Costume

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