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Disgust from ‘Inside Out’: DIY Cosplay Guide

Ewww! Disgust is probably one of the most opinionated personified emotions in the Disney animated film Inside Out, representing teenage girl Riley’s response to all things she finds gross, from weird food to bad smells. Disgust can be loud and has a sarcastic edge to all her comments, but she’s always helpful and resourceful when it matters most.
Dressed entirely in green, Disgust spends a lot of time complaining and can often be a bit of a pessimist.

If you’re looking for a costume to express yourself and have fun at your next cosplay event or party, this is your chance to create a truly revolting costume!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Disgust (Inside Out) costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Disgust Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Disgust from ‘Inside Out’


Disgust has dark emerald green sparkly hair in a classic-looking shoulder-length cut. She might represent a strong repulsed emotion, but she still likes to look her best!

You can get a similar hairstyle yourself by either dying your own hair with temporary coloring and cutting it in a similar style, or you can purchase a green wig. You can buy a closely matching wig from most online costume shops. Give the wig a light dusting of green cosmetic glitter powder to get the same glitzy look as Disgusting’s shiny locks!


Disgusting wears glittery green mascara the same color as her hair, and she has very long eyelashes. You can purchase false eyelashes and colored glitter mascara from most cosmetics shops and retail websites. Look for a waterproof brand if your costume event is set to take place outdoors.

She also has pale pink lipstick and light green skin. Use a light green makeup concealer or Halloween makeup paint for your skin.


Disgust wears pine green leggings, a light green dress covered with a wacky distorted tropical flower pattern in a retro 1950’s tailored style, and a lavender scarf around her neck.

You can purchase leggings and dresses from any clothing website or you can sew your own from scratch. You can also check costume shops and websites to see if you can track down an Inside Out Disgusting costume dress.

For the scarf, you can try your hand at sewing one yourself or purchase a similar one online on sites like Amazon or Etsy.


Disgust wears small lavender shoes in the same shade as her scarf, a green belt around her waist and she collects all of Riley’s memories in green crystal memory balls.

You can get a green belt from accessories shops and retail stores. Look for one that has a green buckle, too.
For the memory balls, use a green transparent rubber bouncy ball and carry it around with you at your party or convention. Toss it around with your friends, and get them to dress up as other ‘Inside Out’ characters for extra fun!

About Disgust


I’d tell you, but you’re too dumb to understand.

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