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Fear from ‘Inside Out’: DIY Cosplay Guide

Boo! Scared yet? If you’re Fear, one of the personified emotions from the animated Disney film Inside Out, you wouldn’t expect anything else.

Fear lives with his friends inside the head of Riley, a young girl on the verge of moving from one town to another and giving up everything she loves. A LOT of fear comes with moving and switching schools when you’re just a kid. Luckily Fear is balanced with his other friends for the most part, and he’s still able to be helpful when it matters most.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Fear (Inside Out) costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Fear Costume Ideas

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Fear from Inside Out Makeup Tutorial:

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How to Dress Like Fear from ‘Inside Out’


Fear has a small thin curl of purple hair atop his head. Otherwise, he’s pretty much completely bald. You can recreate this look in your own costume in a number of ways. You can attach a tall purple pipe cleaner to a purple wig cap or shower cap and curl the pipe cleaner to resemble Fear’s wacky hair. You can dye your own hair purple with temporary coloring and style it using gel. Or use a purple wig instead if you prefer.

You can buy pipe cleaners from most craft stores and retail websites, and shower caps as well. Use thick hair gel or hairspray to form the purple wig hair strands into a curly shape.

Complexion and Face:

Fear has purple eyebrows and lighter purple skin. You can use a mild lavender makeup concealer or Halloween makeup crayon to get a similar effect, or skip this step if you’re in a hurry.

You can purchase concealer from the cosmetics counter at any drugstore, or you can order it online. Check out Halloween stores or party stores for purple makeup crayons.


Fear dresses like a bit of a nerd with his purple dress pants, baby blue long-sleeved dress shirt under a black-and-white houndstooth patterned vest, and his large red bowtie gives him a touch of bolder color. Most of these clothing items can be purchased online. Browse a Halloween store to find a goofier-looking bowtie.


To complete your costume, you’ll need a pair of basic black loafers just like Fear, and a purple ball like the purple crystal memory balls he collects for Riley in the film.

For the purple memory ball, you can use a transparent purple rubber bouncy ball and carry it with you.

Get your friends to dress up as Joy and Riley and Anger and the rest of the ‘Inside Out’ emotions to enjoy your event as a cosplay team!

About Fear


Did you see that face?! They’re judging us!!!

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