The Grinch Costume Guide

Adult The Grinch Plus Size Santa Deluxe Jumpsuit with Mask


Is your heart a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots? Are you as cuddly as a cactus? Charming as an eel? Do you live in a frozen lair with a little dog named Max!?!? You must be Mr. Grinch.

You wouldn’t guess it based on his attitude, but The Grinch is actually a subspecies of The Whos! He’s one of the rare, lime green, joy-hating species. In How The Grinch Stole Christmas ol’ Grinchy dresses up as Santa Clause to steal all of the presents and decorations and food from The Whos so that they can’t celebrate his least favorite holiday.

He’s been portrayed a couple different ways, ranging from the classic 1966 cartoon to Jim Carrey’s performance in the 2000 live-action film, but the result is always the same—a mean, green, fuzzy guy in a Santa suit, who ends up having a heart of gold

Keep reading to find out how to become the Grinch with our costume guide and steal Christmas this year.

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Authentic Grinch Costume Ideas

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like the Grinch for Christmas

Going Green: 

There are a couple ways you can become the Grinch. You can either find a fabricated Grinch mask to wear, or go the way of Jim Carrey and use stage makeup.

Grinch Makeup Tutorial:

For your legs, you can use green leggings, and for your hands, green gloves. If you want to get crafty, look into buying green faux fur and make your own Grinch pants or modify your leggings or gloves.

Santa Claus Costume: 

When the Grinch cooks up his scheme to steal Christmas from Whoville, he wears a classic Santa Claus outfit. You can easily find one in stores or online (and they might be a little cheaper in the off seasons of Halloween and Christmas).

The Santa suit that The Grinch crafts for himself is just the red coat with the white fuzzy edges, the classic Santa hat, and little red slippers with white faux fur around the ankles. And don’t forget the wide black belt with the classic gold buckle. 

Add a plush doll of the Grinch’s companion dog Max for an extra touch!  

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