Thanos Costume Guide

Marvel Avengers 4: Endgame Thanos Knife Cosplay Weapon Prop Premium Edition

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Thanos Costume Guide

In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos is a force better not reckoned with. A genocidal Titan overlord with a serious apathetic streak, this guy is so powerful that he’s even feared by his most loyal followers. Ruling over a distant region of space, Thanos is one of the most popular villains to recently appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he always has only one goal on his mind – stability by wiping out the masses.

Whether you’re looking for a great bad guy for your next cosplay event or you need a scary villain look for Halloween, an authentic Thanos costume is a fearsome choice!

Learn how to dress up as a high quality Thanos for cosplay or Halloween with our DIY costume guide.

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Authentic Thanos Costume Ideas

Marvel Avengers 4: Endgame Thanos Knife Cosplay Weapon Prop Premium Edition

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

Marvel Avengers: Endgame Thanos Sword Cosplay Weapon Prop - New Edition

Actual colors may vary slightly from the images due to lighting and monitor resolution changes.

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Thanos from Infinity War


Thanos is completely bald, but he does have a well-kept beard with a stony appearance to it. You can either purchase a fake beard from a Halloween store or costume website, or you can use a black eyebrow pencil to draw one on.


Thanos has a purplish stony complexion to his skin, mostly seen on his face and large, muscular arms. Use a light lavender purple body paint or Halloween makeup to recreate this look for your own costume.

Thanos Makeup Tutorial:


One of the most outstanding features of Thanos is his set of bright yellow eyes, which you can recreate with non-prescription colored contact lenses, or you can skip this step if you’re in a rush.


With his heavy blue and gold armor, indigo body vest and brown pants, Thanos has a distinctive appearance. You can get a similar look by getting a blue and gold body suit or shirt-and-pants matching set, which are available from most online retail websites and shopping malls.

For the gold armor plates, you can browse your favorite costume website or Halloween stores for the right supplies. Keep an eye out for shoulder coverings especially, as Thanos’s stand out in a noticeable shine from his face.

Purchase a pair of brown pants from any retail website, thrift store or shopping mall, or if you’d rather follow the ‘Infinity War’ style you can purchase a black loin cloth to wear over your body suit instead.


To complete your Thanos costume, you’ll need a few supplies including knee-high metallic gold boots, a heavy gold-crested helmet and Thanos’s gauntlet, which is also gold and has the knuckles bejeweled in various colored infinity stones.

You can purchase boots from any local shoe shop or retail website. If need be, use metallic gold acrylic paint to create the gold look. Search Halloween stores and costume websites for the helmet and glove in a replica form, or use craft supplies such as decorative rhinestones, paint, plastic and foam to make your own homemade accessories.

Use glue or stickers to hold any rhinestones or fake jewels in place so they won’t chip or fall off during your cosplay event, and get some friends to go with you dressed as other characters from the MCU.

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