Skeeter Valentine Costume Guide


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Skeeter Valentine Costume Guide

Skeeter Valentine: DIY Cosplay Guide

On the 1990’s Nickelodeon TV show Doug, Mosquito “Skeeter” Valentine is a close pal of Doug’s and of Patti Mayonnaise. A native of the fictional town of Bluffington, Skeeter is cheerful, a clownish joker and a kind-mannered guy who loves wacky humor and fun. While he can be weird sometimes, that’s all part of his charm, and he’s secretly very intelligent.

Dive into 90’s nostalgia with a DIY Skeeter Valentine costume for your next Halloween party or cosplay convention!

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Skeeter Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Skeeter Valentine from Nickelodeon’s ‘Doug’

Skeeter’s hair is very simple, just a straight cut in small black upright strands on his head. You can give yourself a buzz-cut for a similar look or wear a close-cropped black wig. To get a more cartoon look for your hair like Skeeter’s, you can use hair gel to boldly define the strands.

Turquoise Complexion:
Skeeter’s defining characteristic is his turquoise skin. Slather on some turquoise body paint on your face and arms to get the right look. Or you can try using a turquoise bodysuit under your clothes for a less messy approach.

To add to the cartoon features of Skeeter’s face, use a black pencil eyeliner or black face paint to contour your facial features such as your nose, eyes and lips.

Skeeter’s has a bold yet casual style that was distinctive of 90s youth. He wears a red oversized t-shirt with a bright yellow collar and a yellow lightning bolt graphic and very baggy yellow knee-length pants with red patches sewn on the knees. He also wears white sports socks rolled down around his ankles.

Sew a red circular patches onto a pair of yellow jogging pants yourself if you prefer, and to give them the extra baggy look, use foam padding. You can find white socks anywhere from sports stores to online athletic websites, or larger retail websites like Amazon.

To top off your Skeeter Valentine costume you’ll need a pair of red and yellow sneakers for your feet with white rubber bottoms. Skeeter’s sneakers are almost completely red but have yellow rubber toes, making him stand out with his primary color combo.

Get your friends and family to dress up as other characters from Doug, and practice some of Skeeter’s catchphrases from the show so you can sound more authentic and stand out at your next cosplay convention!

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Skeeter Valentine in Action

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