The Ice King Costume Guide

Adventure Time Ice King Adult Halloween Costume

Adventure Time Ice King Adult Halloween Costume

The Ice King Costume Guide

On ‘Adventure Time’, the Ice King is a villain, but a very complex one who also harbors a good side. An old man whose heinous deeds often include kidnapping princesses and forcing them to marry him, he was a good friend and protector to a young Marceline many years ago before he became the guy fans know today. He’s arguably one of the most inventive and quirky characters on the show, and if you’re a huge Adventure Time buff yourself, an Ice King cosplay outfit is the perfect way to express yourself at your next convention or party!

Check out the links below to make your own DIY The Ice King costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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The Ice King Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like The Ice King from ‘Adventure Time’

Hair and Crown:

The Ice King is instantly recognizable by his long white Santa Claus-like beard. Making him look very wizard-like and ancient, it goes all the way down to the bottom of his body.

For your costume, you can use a fake white beard (remember to look for a long one!), and check out online costume websites and Halloween stores to hunt one down. You can also grow out your own beard if you want, but that might be a challenge!

The Ice King’s crown gives him all his power. It has three gold prongs and three sparkling red rubies beneath it. Try to make your own using rhinestones, plastic, gold acrylic paint, glitter glue and any other craft supplies you want. Use a measuring tape to find out how big you’ll need your crown to be to stay balanced on your head.

Face and Complexion:

The Ice King has pallid turquoise skin, a very long pointed nose and sharp teeth like a shark. You can use turquoise body paint for your skin tone, make your own pointy nose from foam or fabric and tie it on with invisible string or fishing line, and use fake werewolf fangs for the Ice King’s teeth. You can also purchase or make your own Ice King mask to wear instead.
For the Ice King’s hands, which share his same turquoise complexion, use a pair of turquoise or light blue rubber gloves, which you can buy from any retail website or household cleaning supply store.

Adventure Time Ice King Makeup Tutorial:


For the last addition to your costume, you’ll need a long royal blue long-sleeved gown that covers your feet, just like the one the Ice King wears. Purchase a long blue dress or smock from an online clothing website or costume shop or you can use blue fabric and thread to sew your own.

If you’re wearing this costume outdoors, wear a pair of small blue shoes beneath it so you can protect your feet as you walk and still have them blend in with your costume.

Get your friends and family to dress up as other ‘Adventure Time’ characters and hit the cosplay scene as a group!

About The Ice King


My powers! Foul and noisome whelp! You’ve not seen the last of my wintery fangs! I’ll cleave the warmth from your bones and stop still your beating heart with my claaaaws…

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