Marceline Costume Guide

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Marceline Costume Guide

Marceline is the 1,000 year old vampire queen in the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. She isn’t your traditional vampire though, she doesn’t feast on blood. Instead, she eats anything red.

She is a talented musician who plays the electric base, that she made herself from a family heirloom battle-axe, cool. Tie in her punk attitude, her killer guitar skills and her goth-like image, and you’ve got quite the character.

Read below to learn how to dress like Marceline for cosplay or halloween.

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Marceline Costume Ideas

How to Dress Like Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time


For Marceline’s hair, you’re going to need some long, black locks. But if you aren’t blessed with her natural hair, some wash out dye and extensions can work well.

If this doesn’t sound like the way to go, a long black wig will fit the bill perfectly. You can also keep this for a later date as a black wig is an ideal part of any cosplay lover’s closet.


Marceline has a pale, bluish complexion. Duck-egg blue face and body paint is your best friend for this look. Get that face painted, all of it! And if you fancy going all out, don’t be afraid to stretch that paint across the rest of your body too, paying particular attention to your neck, chest and arms.

Marceline Makeup Tutorial:


Along with the duck-egg blue paint, you need to get your hands on a grey vest top. These are pretty easy to come by but if you have an old grey t-shirt lying around, feel free to cut the sleeves off, add a little stitch for a hem, and you’re good to go.

Marceline wears blue tight-fitting bottoms which can be replicated with blue jeans or blue leggings.


Marceline’s boots are also fairly easy to replicate. If you want these to match perfectly then red is the way to go. Make sure they are above the shin but below the knee. The red looks great against the blue jeans and will give your costume a bit of an edge.

If you can’t get your hands on any, you can create or buy some red boot covers or brown boots can work to complete look. Just be sure they are above ankle length to be true to the character.


Marceline’s axe-shaped guitar is the staple of this look. You can buy plastic replicas online and in some costume stores, but you can make this guitar from craft foam, all you need is a creative eye and some good paint!

The Guitar is a double headed axe shape so be sure to replicate this and of course make sure to keep it red. Then there’s Marceline’s signature hat. For this you’ll need a wide brimmed sun hat, get some pale blue ribbon and tape it around where the brim meets the hat itself.

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About Marceline


I’m not mean. I’m a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.

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