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Silent Bob Costume

Silent Bob costume

Jay & Silent Bob Costume Guide

Created by Kevin Smith, Jay & Silent Bob are two Jersey-born young men who became best friends after meeting in front of Quick Stop Groceries as children.

Selling weed and illegal fireworks for extra cash, this duo of characters has appeared in multiple films, most recently the 2019 Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. While Jay is quite outspoken and offensive but not the brightest guy on the street.

Silent Bob rarely speaks and often says wise and important things which often go in the face of Jay’s own actions.

Both funny and resourceful, Jay & Silent Bob are always memorable in anything they appear in and are instantly recognizable at any comic convention or Halloween party.

Use our guide to make your own authentic Jay and Silent Bob costume.

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Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Jay & Silent Bob


Jay, the more talkative of these two characters, has long hippie-like blonde hair down past his shoulders, which he covers with a black wool knitted hat or in some appearances a dark baseball cap.

Silent Bob has shorter hair in a more conservative cropped dark brown color, along with the thick beginnings of a beard on his face.

In the new 2019 film, Silent Bob’s hair is longer, like Jay’s. You can dye and style your natural hair to recreate these looks, or you can use a cosplay wig.

You can also use a dark eyebrow pencil to draw stubble on your face if you are cosplaying Silent Bob.


Jay wears a bright yellow and black windbreaker over a turquoise and orange Quick Groceries work shirt, as well as a darker Berserker t-shirt underneath this. He also wears baggy dark fabric pants.

Silent Bob wears a long dark pine-green trench coat with silver buttons over a plain black t-shirt and ill-fitting blue jeans which don’t quite reach his ankles.

Because Silent Bob is much more heavyset than Jay (this changed in 2019 after actor Kevin Smith lost weight), for an extra detail you can add some foam padding under your costume, which you can find at most retail websites and craft supply stores.


Both Jay and Silent Bob wear tan-colored rural hiking shoes, although Silent Bob’s shoes are more of a rubber-bottomed slip-on style.

As one more extra detail to your costume, in the film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, the pair of friends find an orangutan monkey which follows them around.

The monkey wears a red baseball cap, blue pants, black shoes and a red hooded sweatshirt.

You can purchase stuffed plush monkeys from most retail websites and toy stores.

Purchase an infant-sized sweatshirt, pants and baseball cap to customize it further, and carry it around with you at your next convention.

Costume Ideas

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