Mugatu Costume Guide

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Mugatu Zoolander Cosplay Costume

Mugatu Costume Guide

Jacobim Mugatu: DIY Cosplay Guide

Strut into your next con or Halloween party as the fashionable villain Jacobim Mugatu with our Mugatu costume guide.

With his wild poodle hairstyle, strange outfits and ownership of a fashion conglomerate, Mugatu (played by Will Ferrell) is one of Derek Zoolander’s greatest foes. He even attempts to brainwash Zoolander at a spa in an effort to turn him into an assassin!

Mugatu is one bad dude with a serious grudge, but he’s an interesting and totally unique character which makes him the perfect character to dress up as if you are looking to be noticed!

View our DIY cosplay guide below to learn how to make your own DIY Mugatu costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Mugatu Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Jacobim Mugatu from ‘Zoolander’


If there’s one thing that makes Mugatu stand out as a character, it’s his freakish white curly hair done up in a weird perm. He also has a small curly white beard to compliment his outrageous poodle-like hairdo.

To get the same hairstyle as Mugatu, you can bleach your own hair and style it using hair rollers, but since hair lightening chemicals can be hard on natural hair, the best alternative is to wear a wig.

Search for a light blonde or white wig, preferably a curly one, and use bobby pins and frosted hairspray to hold the crazy style in place. You can find similar wigs at most Halloween stores and online costume websites. Don’t forget to purchase a fake beard while you’re at it!


Mugatu has lots of very iconic outfits that he is known for, but his most memorable is probably the MUGATU-branded sweater look. He wears a gray sweater with a high black turtleneck, black sleeve cuffs, high-waisted black pants and the word “Mugatu” embroidered around the top of the shirt in black letters.

You can search for a similar shirt and pants online from retail websites like Amazon, or purchase some fabric and attempt to sew your own costume. You can also purchase felt letters for crafts and sew or glue them onto your costume. to complete the look.


Mugatu wears a variety of sunglasses, but not just any sunglasses – he likes big bold pop sunglasses of the Lady Gaga variety, and they’re always in bright colors such as pink and turquoise.

Mugatu is also a pet owner of a white poodle named Kiva which shares Mugatu’s white curly hair. If you don’t have a pet poodle, you can purchase a stuffed plush poodle doll to carry around with you. For the final touch, add a pair of classy black shoes to finish off your work.

Get your friends and family to dress up as other Zoolander characters so you can bring the fashion scene to your next convention together and model your glamorous costumes in style!

About Jacobim Mugatu


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie, I invented it!


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