Johnny Bravo Costume Guide

Johnny Bravo likes to think of himself as a pretty macho dude and a chick magnet. Johnny believes he’s God’s Gift to the planet, and he goes to great lengths to show it off even staring at himself in any mirror he passes! Because of his vapid and sexist behavior, most women steer clear of his antics, bringing out all kinds of desperate actions on his part.

If you are a fan of this cartoon classic, Johnny Bravo costume is the perfect way to express your inner narcissist and look good for the chicks at your next cosplay convention or Halloween party.

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Johnny Bravo Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Johnny Bravo


Johnny wears his hair in a gelled-up blonde pompadour which sticks out from the top of his head and curls down at the back in the shape of a mullet.

With the right wig or hair dye, this is an easy look to nail down. Search for a yellowish-blonde wig at any costume shop or Halloween store, and purchase some strong hair gel to form the distinctive shape of Johnny’s up-do!

If you’d prefer to color your natural hair, pick up a box of light blonde dye and try to create your own realistic Johnny Bravo look!

Like with the wig, you’ll need to use hair gel or strong hairspray to hold your new look in place before your convention or party.

Johnny Bravo Hair Tutorial:


Johnny wears dark sunglasses most of the time to give himself that cool mystique and he often bears a cheesy grin on his face. Y

Practice Johnny’s smile in your own mirror at home! It might not impress the ladies, but it’s sure to catch attention at your next convention!


With the plain black t-shirt that shows off his muscles, his bright blue jeans and his heavy black shoes, Johnny is a simple but sharp-dressed kind of guy. You can find t-shirts and blue jeans from most retail malls, thrift stores and clothing websites.

Look for any jeans reminiscent of the turn of the century like Johnny’s. Avoid dark jeans or faded jeans, because Johnny’s jeans are bright blue and always stand out!

For his shoes, check out any footwear shop and pick a pair with thick treads like Johnny Bravo’s.

Macho Muscles:

For one last authentic touch to your costume, purchase some fake muscles, usually inflatable or made of rubber or foam to get Johnny’s buff look. You can find this accessory online from most costume websites and party supply stores.

To really make an impression at your upcoming event, practice flexing your muscles, saying off-the-cuff remarks and admiring your own physique the way Johnny does!

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