Lady Liberty Costume Guide

Halloween The Purge 3 : Election Year Lady Liberty Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop

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Lady Liberty Costume Guide

Hit the streets with a chaotic and creepy DIY costume inspired by Lady Liberty from The Purge films at your next cosplay scene!

From the glowing green mask to the Grecian dress modeled after the real-life New York City Statue of Liberty, this costume guide will tell you everything you need to transform yourself into a terrifyingly warped version of this patriotic icon.

In the third film of The Purge series (The Purge 3: Election Night), Lady Liberty is an unnamed woman dressed as the personified American value, complete with lots of mint-green and neon. Standing out not only because of the bright green in her costume but also because of her chilling mask, this mysterious murder tourist wanders the streets before going on a killing spree, accompanied by a gang of equally unsettling pals dressed as American symbols.

A spooky political figure and unforgettable bringer of mayhem, Lady Liberty is a great Halloween costume choice or cosplay option for any horror film fan.

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Lady Liberty Costume Ideas

Halloween The Purge 3 : Election Year Lady Liberty Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop

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How to Dress Like Lady Liberty from The Purge Election Year


Lady Liberty in the film is portrayed by an unnamed young woman with long, straight black hair framing her mask. You can dye your own hair black, or use a black cosplay wig for this feature.

Check out what wigs are available from retail websites, Halloween stores and costume shops.


Lady Liberty’s face is covered by a grotesque, bloodstained mint-green mask mimicking the stone face of the Statue of Liberty, a famous symbol of United States nationalism and freedom.

The mask features a mint-green spiked crown headband, and a full facial covering in black with neon mint-green dead eyes and a stitched mouth.

You can purchase similar costume masks online from retail websites and costume shops, or you can use a plain black mask and customize your own.


Lady Liberty wears a mint-green sleeveless dress modelled after the Statue of Liberty to match the mask. The dress is bloodstained, indicative of the dark times America is going through in the film.

You can purchase Statue of Liberty costume dresses and mint-green dresses online. For the blood, purchase some fake Halloween blood or red food colouring to give your dress an extra sinister feature.


Lady Liberty wears very basic-looking boots on her feet. You can use any plain pair of brown or black boots for your costume. Search for these at retail websites and shoe stores.

You’ll also need a handgun like Lady Liberty’s – nobody during the events of The Purge 3 goes out without a weapon! You can buy fake toy prop guns online from toy stores and retail websites.

Uncle Sam:

For a fun and chilling couple’s costume, get a friend to dress up as Uncle Sam, another of the unnamed murder tourists from The Purge 3 who accompanies Lady Liberty in a gang dressed up as various United States-themed personified characters, so you can creep out the whole crowd at your next cosplay convention or Halloween scene.

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