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Lois Griffin Costume Guide

Lois Griffin DIY Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween
How to Dress Like Lois Griffin for Cosplay and Halloween [Photo: billybookcase]

In Family Guy, Lois Griffin is a suburban housewife and mother of three. Lois might appear to be an average housewife, but as a character she has an apathetic and often dysfunctional relationship with her husband and kids, leading to many moments of dark humor throughout the series.

In spite of this, Lois does do a lot for her family, from holding side jobs to earn some extra support money to constantly caring for her youngest child, Stewie.

Follow our guide to learn how to put together your own DIY Lois Griffin costume for cosplay and Halloween.

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How to Dress Like Lois Griffin from Family Guy


Lois has a short, simple hair style in an angular style with two curved sets of bangs over her eyes. Her hair is a melon orange color, and it’s an easy look to recreate with the right cosplay wig or hair dye.

You can use orange hair dye to give your own hair the same shade, or you can use an orange cosplay wig.


Lois has medium-length eyelashes and is always depicted wearing a plain strawberry-pink lipstick.

Use a basic black mascara and a tube of lipstick to give yourself this look.


Typical suburban American clothing is Lois Griffin’s go-to style in pretty much every episode of Family Guy. Lois wears a plain pastel mint-green blouse, which buttons down at the front and has the sleeves casually rolled up to her elbows.

She has a folded down collar and keeps the blouse un-tucked from her plain beige pants, hanging over the waistband instead.

When looking for pants, try to find the most basic, average style you can – as a stay-at-home mom, Lois Griffin always looks the part when she’s wearing her regular attire.


Lois wears basic round blue earrings on both ears. You can find earrings from jewelry stores, or you can order clip-on costume earrings from a retail website or costume shop instead.

Lois also wears magenta flats on her feet, which just slide on and have no additional features or designs. You can buy this style of footwear online from retail websites or shoe stores.

Stewie Griffin:

Arguably the person who Lois spends the most time with more than anybody else on Family Guy (in spite of the fact that he has a sinister plot to kill her) is Stewie Griffin – Lois’s intelligent but strangely creepy baby son.

Purchase a stuffed plushie of Stewie to carry around with you, or get a friend to dress up as Stewie Griffin to go to your next cosplay convention or Halloween party with you for an extra addition to your costume.