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Mad Eye Moody Costume Guide

Mad Eye Moody Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

Mad Eye Moody: DIY Cosplay Guide

In the Harry Potter franchise, Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody, an eccentric auror with a bit of a mean streak, first appears in the fourth book and film. He’s no doubt talented with the craft of magic and wizardry, but rumor has it he’s a little crazy!

Nevertheless, he’s not a bad guy. He’s committed to the cause of Dumbledore’s Army and he’ll help his friends whenever he gets the chance. Just try not to get on his bad side if you happen to bump into him down at the Dragon’s Den Pub downtown! If you love magic and want a great costume for your next cosplay convention, why not dress up as Mad Eye Moody?

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Mad Eye Moody costume for cosplay or halloween.

Mad Eye Moody Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Mad Eye Moody from ‘Harry Potter’

Mad Eye:

Moody got his nickname from his large glass working eyeball piece strapped over the empty spot where one of his real eyes used to be, allowing him to still be able to see.

You can recreate this look yourself in one of two ways – either buy a replica Mad Eye Moody eyepatch created to look like the one in the films or you can buy a regular black pirate eyepatch and use fabric paints to create a fake eye yourself. Remember, Moody’s eye is a deep sapphire blue, so keep that in mind when you do your shopping or painting!

Hair and Face:

Moody has a gruff, haggard-looking fat face covered in scars, likely from previous battles with darker forces before Harry’s time. You can shop online for some good Halloween makeup, and look up video tutorials for how to use makeup to create fake scars, or visit your local drugstore and buy a brown eyebrow pencil to draw on fake scars yourself.

His shoulder-length sandy hair is unkempt, tangled and dirty. Use a wig and put dirt or a light dusting of brown eye shadow into it to get a similar effect. Check out online costume websites for a decent wig, and use your fingers to shake up the strands of hair to create a more messy look.


Moody wears a gray buckled vest and black baggy pants under a long brown trench coat with lots of pockets. He’s also tall and stocky in stature. You can buy all these clothes from Halloween stores, retail stores, thrift stores and costume websites, or sew your own using the fabric and metal pieces of your choice.

Purchase some foam padding as well to line your costume and create a more pudgy-looking Mad Eye Moody look.

Shoes and Accessories:

To add the finishing touches to your costume, you’ll need a tall wooden staff, a round flask in a leather pouch (Moody keeps his polyjuice potion in there!) and some metal-looking boots.

You can use any wooden or plastic stick as your staff, and many Halloween websites and stores sell lightweight plastic staffs.

For the flask, you can purchase a leather bag and put a metal water bottle inside it. You can buy metal water bottles online or from any camping gear store or army surplus store.

Finally, visit retail websites and shoe stores for a silver pair of thick boots, or use steel-toe construction worker boots as a substitute.

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