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Luna Lovegood Costume Guide

Luna Lovegood Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

In the Harry Potter franchise, Luna Lovegood is the eccentric, young student of the Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts. She’s very talented but often misunderstood which earns her the nickname “Loony Lovegood”. She often chooses to ignore harsh words from her peers, sticking close to her companions and helping them fight against the evils of dark wizardry. With her nearly white hair, soft-spoken demeanor and love of magical creatures, she’s one of Harry Potter’s most memorable characters and a great costume choice for your next party or convention.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Luna Lovegood costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Luna Lovegood Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Luna Lovegood from ‘Harry Potter’


Whether wearing her hair up in stylish curls or straight down and unkempt, Luna is well-known for her outstanding platinum blonde hair. If you want to recreate a similar look for your costume, you can either bleach your own hair platinum blonde or use a wig.

Visit online Halloween stores, cosplay websites and retail shops for a long blonde wig that resembles Luna’s unique hair.

Eyes and Complexion:

Luna has large doe-like turquoise eyes and a pallid skin tone. You can use Halloween face paint or cosmetic makeup concealer for a similar look, and purchase some non-prescription turquoise contact lenses to get Luna’s eye color.


Luna wears a Hogwarts school uniform from the Ravenclaw House which has blue stripes and accents. Luna wears a black pleated school skirt, a white blouse with a folded-down collar, a blue-and-white striped necktie, a gray long-sleeved cable-knit sweater with blue accent stripes on the bottom, black pantyhose and shiny black loafers.


To finish off your Luna Lovegood costume, you’ll need a wand and a necklace similar to hers. Luna’s necklace has a bright blue string with a regular bottle cork attached to the bottom. You can purchase a replica necklace online or use beads to make your own.

For her wand, you can use craft supplies and outdoor gatherings such as twigs to make your own wand, or you can purchase a replica wand from a Halloween store.

As an extra touch to make your costume stand out, get a pair of Luna’s famous glasses. Referred to in the films as her “Spectra Specs”, these unique and wild glasses have pink and blue lenses and wide frames adorned with spirals and paisley shapes.

About Luna Lovegood


I’ve never stunned anyone except in our D.A. lessons, that was noisier than I thought it would be.

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