Malorie Hayes (Bird Box) Costume Guide

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Malorie Hayes (Bird Box) Costume Guide

Bird Box’s Malorie: DIY Cosplay

In the hit Netflix film ‘Bird Box’Malorie Hayes (played by Sandra Bullock) has experienced enough trauma for several lifetimes. We meet her as a pregnant, single mother whose sister takes her own life during a spreading epidemic mass-suicide, and see her all the way through to safety with her two children “Boy” and “Girl.”

Her journey down the river is a challenging one—keeping enough resources in a canoe constantly threatening to capsize while you’re blindfolded isn’t easy. Why the blindfold? Well because if you see it, you kill yourself. 

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How to Dress Like Malorie from Bird Box

Malorie wears whatever she finds, fits, and is weather appropriate. She doesn’t have time, desire, or resources to be fashion-forward. She dresses in layers—a habit you get into when you go from canoeing down a chilly river to bolting up mountains to raid abandoned hospitals for supplies.

She also carries a knife, because she’s not to be messed with. Hiking boots prevent her from twisting her ankle, which is crucial because she can’t see the rocks and roots she could be tripping over. 

Read on to get the look!

Bird Box Costume Ideas

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Malorie doesn’t have much time to get to the salon in her post-apocalyptic reality, so her hair is very simple. It’s long, dark brown, straight, and parted in the middle. The fanciest she gets is putting it half-up.

If that’s your route, make sure your half-pony doesn’t get in the way of your blindfold. You can create her simple look with your own hair, or find a wig online or at a costume shop. 


And the main event: the blindfold. Any piece of cobalt blue fabric will do. We recommend finding a scarf and breaking it down as small as you need to make it comfortable.

Get a scarf like this one and cut it to size to make your very own Bird Box inspired blindfold.

Clothes & Jacket: 

Light layers and good boots make up Malorie’s look—all of which you can find second hand, at a major retailer, or online. 

A pair of khaki, army green, or gray pants will work just fine—and it’s better if they’re a little dirty. 

Up top she wears a blue long-sleeved shirt that buttons halfway down, a beige zip-up hoodie, and a dark pink down jacket. 

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You’ll need a sturdy brown belt for sure. Go ahead and slide a fixed-blade knife onto your hip, with a brown leather sheath with a loop if you can find it. The fixed-blade you can find online or at a costume store. Same for the sheath, but you can also check an outdoor outfitter. 

Malorie also has a good, sturdy pair of brown hiking boots.

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