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Moondog Costume Guide

DIY Moondog Beach Bum costume for cosplay and Halloween
Learn how to dress like Moondog from The Beach Bum

Named after real-life street busker Louis Thomas Hardin, Moondog is a major character in the 2019 comedy film The Beach Bum. A stoner hippie who lives by his own rules, Moondog (played by Matthew McConaughey) is a burned-out Floridian writer whose life is often nihilistic and random at best.

In spite of this, he does love his family, but his selfish behavior has pretty much alienated them from him. In a series of hilarious and wacky mishaps, he finds his own way to get respect.

With The Beach Bum having just been released recently in theaters, now is the perfect time to sport a Moondog costume at your next party or convention!

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The Beach Bum Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Moondog from The Beach Bum


Moondog has unkempt, dirty blonde hair in long, tangled strands just like any washed-up hippie dude in the Florida Keys. He often wears thick brown sunglasses and a blue-and-white ship captain’s hat jokingly over this.

You can recreate a similar hairstyle by either running hair gel through your natural hair to create a greasy tangled look, or you can do the same with a blonde cosplay wig.

Don’t forget the hat and sunglasses as well if you want to add some extra detail!


Moondog has a severe case of unshaven stubble all over his chin. You can use a brown eyebrow pencil or face makeup to create a similar effect.


Moondog often opts for wearing oversized, gaudy Hawaiian tourist shirts in bold colors, baggy, tacky Bermuda shorts, and one of his most well-known articles of clothing includes his pale pink women’s bathrobe, which he wears while getting stoned and writing poems.

The bathrobe has pink flamingo feathers on the sleeve cuffs.

If you’d rather tone down your costume, you can wear the black flame-printed short-sleeved t-shirt that Moondog wears in some scenes of the film instead.


Moondog is often seen either carrying a full glass of booze in his hands, or a rolled joint of weed.

For a few extra details, get yourself a pair of pastel painted boots like Moondog’s, which he wears on the beach while drinking heavily and carrying an inflatable doll around.

If you want to add one more extra detail, you can purchase inflatable party dolls from most party stores and retail websites, or you can make your own from craft supplies and paint.

If you want to carry a more family-friendly prop with you, you can buy a prop typewriter like Moondog’s, which he writes all his work on.