Number Five Costume Guide

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 No.5 Number Five Cosplay Costume

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School the rest of the cosplay competition with a costume from one of the hottest new shows of the year – The Umbrella Academy. With Umbrella Academy’s boarding school uniform and a little added flair, our Number Five costume guide will give you an unmistakable look at your next convention or Halloween event.

In the thrilling Netflix series Umbrella Academy, Number Five is one of forty-three children born in 1989 to the same mother, and one of the few out of the bunch to be adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the hope that he could be trained to help save the world.

Number Five has no given human name, and is quite a mysterious character, but he has the power to travel through time which allows him to see the end of the world, something he warns about upon returning to the present. If you’re a huge fan of Umbrella Academy, this is a great costume choice.

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Umbrella Academy’s Number Five Costume Ideas

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 No.5 Number Five Cosplay Costume

Generally, the actual color and design will be made to more closely resemble that of the mannequins than the character.

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How to Dress Like Number Five from Umbrella Academy


Number Five has well-kept, formal and slicked-back dark brown hair and angled, dark brown bushy eyebrows.

Fill out your eyebrows with a dark brown eyebrow pencil to add an extra detail.


Like his co-members, Number Five wears the standard slate gray wool Umbrella Academy school uniform with dark red accent stripes, a blazer, short pants and a cable-knit diamond-patterned sweater vest and white dress shirt underneath.

His blazer also has a school coat of arms on it. His sweater is red, white and black in color and functions like a vest over his dress shirt.

Purchase a slate gray blazer and add some red piping to make up this uniform.

He also wears basic knee-high black socks on his feet, which you can buy from any retail website.

If the weather at your upcoming convention or party is going to be especially cold, consider also getting Number Five’s dark gray wool pea-coat, which he and the other members all have. It, like the uniform blazer, features the Umbrella Academy coat of arms.

Use paint or an iron-on fabric patch to add a coat of arms to the outfit if you can’t find one already containing this symbol.


Number Five wears a black necktie as part of his uniform. He also wears polished black loafers over his socks. You can buy these shoes from most shoe shops and retail stores.

To finish off your costume, you’ll need a black face mask with opaque white eye-holes. Number Five, like his co-members, wears this often and it obscures much of his face.

The mask is cut at sharp angles, like a bird’s face. To add this accessory, look for a similar costume mask at Halloween stores and retail websites, or use plastic and paint to make your own mask.

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