Nymphadora Tonks Costume Guide

Nymphadora Tonks Cosplay Costume

Nymphadora Tonks Cosplay Costume

Nymphadora Tonks Costume Guide

Nymphadora Tonks (she prefers to be called simply “Tonks“), is a half-blood witch, the love interest of fellow character Remus Lupin, a powerful Auror and one of the most unique characters in the Harry Potter series.

As a loyal member of the Order of the Phoenix, Tonks is feisty, smart, fast and brilliant, using her powers and resourcefulness to aid her friends. Tonks, like Harry and his pals, was also a proud Hogwarts student.

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or you love the world of magic and myth, a Tonks costume is the perfect choice for any Halloween party or cosplay scene!

Check out our cosplay guide to learn how make your own DIY Tonks costume.

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Tonks Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Nymphadora Tonks


One of the coolest abilities Tonks has is that she can change her hair color at will. She’s a Metamorphagus, so her appearance can be physically altered whenever she pleases.

Her natural hair color is a mousy shade of brown, but the hair she’s often seen with is a bright bubblegum pink color and goes down past her shoulders. She’s also known to have other colors including white, purple and blue.

To get Tonks’s favorite shade of bubblegum pink hair, you can either use temporary dye to color your real hair, or you can wear a pink wig. Browse around online costume websites and Halloween shops to see what you can find.


Tonks often dresses in cool alternative clothing and punk styles. Some of her many outfits in the films have included a black leather jacket adorned with silver studs, a turquoise hoop skirt, a mahogany robe with brown stripes, a black duster coat lined with fur, black stretch pants and a red tank top, among other attire.

A good place to hunt down some of these items is an online retail website or shopping mall. You can order as many items as you like and mix and match them to complete your outfit, or you can use photos of Tonks for inspiration and wear one of the outfits she has on in the most memorable scenes she’s featured in.

One item you’ll definitely want is her long black coat, which she’s rarely seen without. Complete with silver buttons, it’s definitely her signature style. You can either purchase a similar coat from a retail website, or you can search costume websites for a Tonks replica coat.


To complete your Tonks costume, you’ll need a pair of knee-high black combat boots, which you can purchase from any shoe shop or retail website. You’ll also need a magic wand.

You can purchase a replica wand from a costume shop or party supply store, or you can use outdoor materials and craft supplies such as wood, glitter and tweed to create a wand of your own.

This is also a great couples costume! Get a friend to dress up as Remus Lupin, Tonks’s werewolf husband and fellow Order member, so you can both attend your next upcoming event together!