Slash Costume Guide

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Guns n Roses Slash Costume

Slash Costume Guide

Rock out at your next con or Halloween party with this iconic look of one of the most famous rockers of the 80s with our DIY Slash costume guide.

Slash (real name Saul Hudson) is the famed guitarist from Guns N’ Roses who is not only known for his killer guitar licks, but also for his voluminous black locks, top hat and shades.

He has been a staple of many rock bands over the years, including Guns N ‘Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Blues Ball, Slash’s Snakepit and he also debuted as a soloist in the year 2010 to 2015 with three successful albums.

Slash has been ranked among Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 100 Electric Guitarists and has wowed his fans with his incredible guitar solos that are nearly unmatched in the rock world.

In this guide, I will teach you how to put together a simple, yet instantly recognizable costume based on the famed guitarist with items you might even already have at a home.

Slash Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Slash from Guns N’ Roses


Slash’s hair is the key to pulling off this costume. He has long curly hair that flows out of his hat wildly. If you already have long hair, use a curling iron and volumizing shampoo to get the right look. If you don’t have the hair for this, get a black wig in a similar style.


Slash is hardly ever seen without his trademark sunglasses. You will need to grab a pair of shades to complete this look. He usually wears aviator style sunglasses which you can find almost anywhere.


Slash usually wears a graphic tee layered under his jackets. A Guns N’ Roses tee is the ideal shirt to wear as part of this costume.


Slash wears an array of different kinds of pants, but you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans or leather pants. Just make sure to cut them up a bit as he often wears jeans with holes in them.


Use a pair black Converse shoes to complete the look or any black shoes you have in the closet.


If you have a black, jean, or leather jacket do not hesitate to use it. It provides that rockstar touch that is distinctive of Slash’s style.


To really rock out with this costume you will need to bring along an electric guitar. If you don’t have one available, you can always use a prop guitar or even make your own out of household materials.


The final (and perhaps most important) element of the Slash costume is his tall black top hat. If you can’t find this hat, you can try to make one using cardboard and other materials. See here:

1. Get a large piece of cardboard and measure the circumference of your head. Mark up the cardboard to fit these measurements.

2. Use a ruler to define the height of the hat. The height can be 15 or 20 cm, depending on your preferences.

3. Cut out the figure and glue the ends with hot silicone to form a cylinder. This will be the body of the hat.

4. Use a cylinder to help outline a circle on the cardboard to make the hat cover.

5. Cut it out and glue it with hot silicone at one end.

6. To make the edge of the hat, cut a ribbon 4 cm wide and the length must cover the entire hat. With hot silicone, gradually glue the cardboard along the edge.

7. In order to make the ribbon stick more easily, leave 1 cm on the line that will stick to the hat, then use scissors to vertically cut the entire ribbon to simulate wings 2 cm wide. Using this method you can create a moldable edge that will fit easily to the body of the hat.

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