Soldier 76 From Overwatch Costume Guide

Overwatch Soldier 76 Cosplay Costume

Overwatch Soldier 76 Cosplay Costume

Soldier 76 From Overwatch Costume Guide

Soldier 76 from Overwatch: DIY Cosplay

Soldier 76 is a damaged hero in Overwatch. He’s the vigilante target of an international manhunt and a dedicated man who targets large corporations in the goal of bringing to light the conspiracy which brought Overwatch down.

Very little is known about him or even his identity, and he aims to keep it that way, but he’s a skilled fighter with an arsenal of weapons and a lot of power behind him.

Make your presence known at your next cosplay convention or Halloween party with A Soldier 76 costume.

Soldier 76 Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Soldier 76 from Overwatch


Maybe its the stress of a career as an assassin, but Soldier 76 has gone prematurely grey. In fact, his hair is pure white!

To get a similar look yourself, you can style your own hair and use white frosted hairspray to get the same coloration, or wear a gray wig.


Like most other Overwatch characters, Soldier 76 wears heavy tactical clothing, including black combat pants, a thick blue jacket, a red and white armor vest and a black shirt beneath this.

You can purchase these items in lots of different places from online retail websites to army surplus stores to sports stores. Use foam padding under the jacket for a more authentic look.

Mask & Accessories:

Soldier 76 wears numerous accessories. He wears a black gas mask with red goggles so that only the top of his head is showing, yellow and black battery-like equipment on the side of his arm, tall black combat boots and he carries an enormous blue, white and black gun. He also wears red gloves on his hands for a no-slip grip on his weapons.

You can use large batteries taped to your arm for Soldier 76’s equipment, or you can make your own using household supplies and craft products.


Last but not least, you’ll need Soldier 76’s gun. You can purchase a prop replica gun just like his online, or you can use craft products such as foam and plastic to make your own.

Soldier 76 Gun Prop Tutorial:

For some extra authenticity, see what you can do to add small details to your accessories, such as the red laser light often seen in Soldier 76’s red goggles. It can be a challenging but fun and worthwhile project!

Get your friends to dress up as other Overwatch characters so you can all go as a team!

About Soldier 76


Never leave a teammate behind.

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