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Pokemon Team Rocket Grunt Male Cosplay Costume - A Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Grunt Male Cosplay Costume

Prepare for trouble and make it double with our DIY Team Rocket cosplay guides for the notorious Pokemon duo of Jessie and James.

The dynamic duo Jessie and James are the comic relief villains of the Pokémon world. They are part of a criminal organization called Team Rocket whose goal is to steal other people’s Pokémon, and they are after Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu. Jesse and James always end up losing the battles that they fight and fail at all the various underhanded ways of collecting Pikachu, such as trapping, stealing, and sneaking around in disguise.

Team Rocket is known for their snarky comebacks and puns, their wordplay, their habit of breaking the fourth wall, and their dramatic rhyming introduction every time we see them, no matter if they’re meeting someone they already know or not. When they think they have come up with a genius plan they often sing a song about how it will make them rich. They have lost a battle and therefore “blasted off” more than any other anime characters in the Pokémon series, but even though they “have a proud tradition of failure to uphold” they still succeed in warming our hearts.

Jessie and James are known for their white Team Rocket uniforms, their shiny colorful hair, and of course their most cherished Pokémon, Meowth, who is quick with a joke in human language.

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Items You’ll Need to Complete the Costumes:

  • Jessie Wig: Pink long hair shaped in a “swoop”
  • James Wig: Purple shoulder- length stick- straight hair
  • White Team Rocket uniform
  • A personal touch
  • Meowth and a Poke Ball

Costume Ideas

Jessie Costume:

Pokemon Team Rocket Grunt Female Cosplay Costume - B Edition

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Jessie and James of Team Rocket from Pokémon


Jessie and James have very specific shiny, colorful, highly stylized, hairstyles. 

Jessie has long pink hair that is combed back from her face and is shaped into a very stiff “swoop” back behind her. Jessie’s hair almost certainly must be an acrylic wig in pink which will hold that heavily stylized shape.

James has stick straight lilac hair that hangs to his shoulders. James’ hair is a more manageable style, so if you already have shoulder- length stick straight hair, you may be able to dye it a lilac purple and straighten it and be done. Otherwise just find a lilac shoulder- length stick- straight wig online or at a costume shop. 

Team Rocket Uniform:

Jessie and James wear nearly- matching gendered versions of the same Team Rocket Uniform. 

They each wear a black undershirt. Jessie’s is a tight black crop top and James’ is a tight black tee shirt that tucks into his pants. These are easy to find online, at any major retailer, or at a thrift store.

They each wear a white loose crop top with a large red R on it and a triangle cutout on the bottom. 

  • Jessie’s is a short- sleeved version and is cut off right under the bust area to show the undershirt, starting the triangle cutout between the legs of the R. 
  • James’s is cut a bit longer, but still a crop top, with the triangle cutout smaller, and is long- sleeved. 
  • You can either buy these online already made, or you can simply buy a short-sleeved loose crop top and a white loose sweater and make them yourself by ironing on the large red R and cut the cutouts and cutoffs yourself with scissors. Just be sure to measure carefully and make sure that the back and the front are cut evenly.

They each wear black gloves and black boots. 

  • Jessie’s gloves are long black opera gloves, which you can get online or at a costume shop, and black boots paired with black thigh- high opaque tights. You can get the black boots online or in any shoe section of any major retailer, and the black thigh- high tights you can get online or at a costume shop. 
  • James’s gloves are more like black gardening gloves. His boots are more like black rain boots, so you can find these online or in the gardening area of any major retailer. 

And they each wear white bottoms. 

  • Jessie’s is a white miniskirt, which you can find online, or at any major retailer, or in a thrift store. 
  • James’s is just a pair of white pants.

 Personal Touch:

Jessie wears large green circular earrings, which you can buy online, at a thrift store, or make your own. Just take earring studs from a craft store and green glass marbles with a flat back online or at the craft store then just hot- glue them together.

James wears a purple belt which you can get online or at a thrift store. You can also make one with a thick strip of fabric wrapped around the waist right above the pants and hot- glued onto the black tucked in t- shirt.

Meowth and Poke Balls: 

They each carry a Poke Ball, which you can find online or in the toy section of any major retailer. They are accompanied by Meowth, which you can get a plushie of online or at most toy stores.

Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn!!!

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