Calvin And Hobbes Costume Guide

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Calving and Hobbes Costume

Calvin And Hobbes Costume Guide

Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes were a staple of the newspaper comic strip, especially those growing up in the 80s and 90s.

Two best friends who get into all sorts of mischief, Calvin and Hobbes is a cartoon which has appeared everywhere from the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series to screen-printed t-shirts, and the characters are still just as endearing today.

A Calvin and Hobbes costume is an excellent choice for two friends or siblings attending a cosplay convention or party together, especially if you’re fans of classic comic strips and 1980’s nostalgia.

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Cosplay Examples

How to Dress Like Calvin and Hobbes


Calvin is a little boy who is very small in stature. He has unruly golden-yellow hair in shaggy spikes, large black eyes, an oversized red t-shirt with thin black horizontal stripes and a pair of black shorts. 

Calvin’s Hair:

To get Calvin’s hairstyle for your costume, you can use hair gel to spike up your own hair, or you can wear a golden yellow cosplay wig.

Search retail websites and Halloween stores for a good one, and use scissors and hair gel to style it like Calvin’s messy appearance.

Calvin’s Face:

To get Calvin’s wide black cartoon eyes, you can add some black Halloween makeup or colored contact lenses to your own eyes for a more distinctive look.

Don’t forget a wide, cheerful smile as well – Calvin is always seen with a huge, beaming smile everywhere he goes.

Calvin’s Clothing:

To find Calvin’s attire, check out retail websites and shopping malls for a basic pair of black shorts and a red and black striped t-shirt.

For one extra finishing touch, buy a pair of white sneakers with red laces just like Calvin’s. You can buy sneakers from most shoe shops and retail websites.


Hobbes is a gigantic imaginary friend created by Calvin, who lives with him in the suburbs.

A bright orange tiger with black stripes, Hobbes also has a white face with long whiskers, large black eyes like Calvin’s, black ears and a long tail.

When Calvin isn’t using his imagination, Hobbes reverts back to a small tiger doll, so if you can’t find a companion to dress up as Hobbes, you can also use a Hobbes doll as part of your costume.

Hobbes’s Face:

To recreate a tiger-like face for your costume, you can use a Halloween tiger mask or use face paint to draw on a tiger face. You can get all these supplies from costume shops and Halloween stores.

Add some black makeup around your eyes as well to get the same cartoon eyes as Hobbes. For the ears, you can buy animal ear headbands from most retail websites, or you can make your own using craft supplies such as cardboard and plastic.

Hobbes’s Body:

You can use a fur tiger suit or tiger Halloween costume suit to recreate Hobbes’s body.

Look for a costume suit with extra additions such as paws and a tail, or you can buy these features separately from costume shops and retail stores.

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