Casey Jones Costume Guide

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Casey Red Ranger Cosplay Costume

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Casey Jones Costume Guide

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, Casey Jones is a 17 year old vigilante obsessed with hockey and fighting crime. He meets April through school, and then subsequently meets the turtle team. He fights against New York’s evil mutants alongside the turtles.

Casey Jones is the perfect costume for anyone looking to utilize what they already have in their closet. Casey dresses a lot like the average teen (minus the potato-masher taser).

This is great last minute cosplay costume, and works especially well when paired with the rest of the TMNT team! Grab some friends and assemble the whole TMNT universe!

Casey Jones Costume Ideas

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Casey Red Ranger Cosplay Costume

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Casey Red Ranger Red Cosplay Shoes

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How to Dress Like Casey Jones from TMNT


Casey Jones is only truly attentive to two things: fighting crime and hockey. He doesn’t have much time to deal with his long, untamed black hair.


The key to a good Casey Jones costume is the mask. Casey wears this mask to conceal his heroic identity. Casey sports a traditional hockey mask to pay homage to his passion for the game. Underneath his hockey mask, he wears skull-like face paint.

You could definitely find the signature hockey mask at your local sporting goods store (or maybe even your garage!), and the face paint could be picked up a nearby crafting supply store.


Casey Jones is too busy juggling practice and vigilante work to care about fashion. He is usually depicted as wearing either a black or red shirt underneath some sort of padding (think rib protector or shoulder pads). While you’re at the sporting goods store grabbing the face mask, you should pick up some chest padding too!


Casey is a simple high school kid, meaning he wears almost exclusively blue jeans. You’ll probably only have to look as far as your closet for this part of the costume!

Casey compliments his blue jeans by topping them off with knee pads. Hockey-chic? Definitely!


Casey Jones has special shoes that switch between roller-skates and traditional sneakers. You most likely have a pair of black sneakers at home, but if you want to go all out, you could definitely pick up a pair of roller blades while you’re getting your mask and chest padding, or snag a pair next time you’re doing some online shopping.

Other Accessories:

Casey sports finger less gloves in some depictions. Other times, he wears regulation hockey gloves. In this case, it all comes down to personal preference and the climate you’ll be wearing your costume in.

A good rule of thumb when putting your Casey Jones costume together is the more padding, the better!


Because Casey Jones is a crime-fighting hero that works alongside the ninja turtles, he has to have some pretty sweet gadgets to work with. He always carries sporting equipment (think hockey sticks, hockey pucks, cricket bats), which he carries in a bag on his back.

He wears a hockey goalie glove, complete with spikes for when he’s fighting crime, and also carries a taser. You could definitely find replicas of all these items online!

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