Pedro Sanchez Costume Guide

DC Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Pedro Pena Black Cosplay Wig

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Pedro Sanchez Costume Guide

On the cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro Sanchez is a Mexican exchange student whom Napoleon befriends. Together they start a campaign to have Pedro become class president, effectively also becoming the most popular kid in school.

While Pedro at first just appears awkward and shy, he’s intelligent and a great friend to Napoleon. Pedro is also a good friend to Deb, and the two continue to stay friends even after Napoleon’s embarrassing Uncle Rico tries to sell Deb unwanted products.

Pedro is definitely one of the film’s funniest and most endearing characters, and he proves that you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it.

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Costume Ideas

DC Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Pedro Pena Black Cosplay Wig

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DC Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Pedro Pena Silver Shoes Cosplay Boots

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How to Dress Like Pedro Sanchez from Napoleon Dynamite


Pedro has dark brown wavy hair just to his ears, and although at one point in the film he shaves his head, Deb gives him a wig to wear with much more volume than his regular hair, although it’s the same dark brown color.

Get a dark brown cosplay wig to complete the look and use a soft-bristled hairbrush to style it.


Pedro has a small dark brown mustache. You can use an eyebrow pencil to draw this feature onto your own face, or for an extra challenge you can try growing your own.

His mustache angles downwards over his lips.


Pedro wears dress shirts usually in a bold-patterned style, including a blue-and-orange one with vertical stripes and a light blue one with darker blue rose-like embroidered shapes on it.

He wears a dark blazer with these while campaigning in the school election. You can find similar dress shirts and blazers online from retail websites, shopping malls and thrift stores.

Pedro also wears basic Day-Glo blue jeans.

An an extra detail, purchase a pair of white socks, as Pedro is usually seen wearing closed-toe footwear throughout the film.

Vote For Pedro:

Although Pedro himself doesn’t wear a “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt in the film (Napoleon wears one), you can use craft supplies or a pre-made campaign sign to have your own “Vote For Pedro” school politics sign to carry around with you while cosplaying or trick-or-treating as an extra detail to your costume.


Pedro wears a tacky, oversized bolo tie. In our guide, you can find a link to purchase one on Amazon.

For Pedro’s belt, which is dark brown with a silver buckle, search the same locations to find the right color and style.

Lastly, to finish off your costume you’ll need a pair of shoes. Pedro wears plain dark brown shoes on his feet. You can purchase similar shoes at any retail website or shoe store.

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