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Fran Bow Costume Guide

Fran Bow Costume DIY Guide for Cosplay and Halloween

In the indie game Fran Bow, the main character is a young girl trapped inside a mental asylum. It follows the journey of the mentally unstable girl as she tries to reach her aunt’s house with the help of her black cat Mr. Midnight.

For fans of the game, Fran Bow is a fun and interesting costume for cosplay and halloween.

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Fran Bow Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Fran Bow

Hair Style:

Fran Bow has a bob styled haircut. Her frazzled brown hair symbolizes the mental agony she is going through. If your hair is short, you can go for bob haircut but if your hair is long, it is better get a bob styled wig. If you opted for bob haircut, remember to apply some conditioner to maintain the same look throughout the party or con.


To capture Fran’s pale appearance, apply white face powder. She is also known for having black eyeliner dripping down from her eyes. To get the look smudge your eyes with black color eyeliner. Finish off the Fran Bow makeup by applying some pink blush.

Fran Bow Makeup Tutorial:


She wears a short strap chiffon dress which is similar to bridesmaid dresses. To best replicate her style, find that dress in canary yellow color. Don’t forget to decorate the dress with grosgrain ribbon bow, preferably turquoise colored.


Two tone thigh high stockings almost complete your desired look. It will be really good if you can find these stockings in black and white.

Ankle Boots:

In the game, Fran spends most of her time in the forest which makes combat boots a must. She wears ankle high lace up boots that are tan-colored.

Other Accessories:

You can’t finish the Fran Bow costume without her best friend Mr. Midnight. As you can’t really carry a little black kitten to the party, you are best off picking up a black plush toy kitten. Fran’s parents were killed mysteriously and dismembered. Because of that trauma, she often hallucinates about a bloody knife. Pick up a plastic knife and rub some fake blood on it for the best effect.

About Fran Bow


Some people say you can’t live without love. Well I think oxygen is more important.

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Fran Bow in Action