Guy Fieri Costume Guide

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Guy Fieri Costume Guide

A famous American foodie who owns various restaurants and features a popular show on The Food Network, Guy Fieri is definitely one of the world’s most well-known modern restaurateurs. Memorable for his rowdy humor, authored books and his popular food chains, Guy has quite an impressive resume to his name! He also judges various food contests and restaurant items.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, he’s the man behind the Chicken Guy restaurant, where he serves up his own brand of awesome. A Guy Fieri costume is a great choice for any pop culture fanatic or food lover.

Check out the links below to make your own DIY Guy Fieri costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Guy Fieri Costume Ideas

Free Guy Guy Cosplay Costume

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Mario Kart 8 Shy Guy Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Guy Fieri


Guy’s hair is distinctively bleached platinum and spiked up with gel. He also has a dark brown facial beard which is close-cropped at his chin.

You can get a similar look by dying and styling your own hair or wearing a white wig. You can buy wigs from most retail websites and costume shops. Use scissors to cut it to your preferences, and add some hair gel to shape up Guy’s spiky style!

For Guy’s beard, use a dark eyebrow pencil or Halloween face makeup to draw one on, or for an extra challenge, grow your own!


Guy has many outfits, but one thing has always consistent – he is known in any photo or video to often wear oversized shirts with flamboyant patterns or bright colours. One of his shirts that fans love the most is a black buttoned t-shirt with burning flames printed as a pattern all over it.

You can search for similar shirts online from retail websites and clothing outlets, or you can search shopping malls to see what’s available. If you can’t find one, you can pick from one of Guy’s many other striking shirts! There are a lot to choose from!

Guy usually wears dark pants or blue jeans, and is sometimes shown wearing a black cooking apron tired around his waist. You can buy pants from most clothing shops and retail websites.

Search retail sites, household supply shops and costume stores for an apron, or use black fabric to make your own.


To finish off your Guy Fieri costume, you’re going to want three things.

First of all, check out retail websites and kitchen stores for a large pair of steel tongs to carry around with you.

For another finishing piece if you want some extra authenticity, pick up some food supplies and fry up a large hamburger, or use plastic toy food instead if you prefer. Pile it up on a plate to bring with you! You can buy food at any grocery store or retail website, and fake plastic food from most retail websites and toy stores.

As one last touch, remember to bring along a sturdy pair of basic shoes, just like Guy’s! You can get shoes from any retail website or footwear store.


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