Kung Fury Costume Guide

Hanabushi KUNG-FU-PIGGY Krisu.Miushy(Cristian Cagnune) Cosplay Wig

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Kung Fury Costume Guide

Kung Fury, the Kung Fu renegade ex-cop, is the ultimate badass. He will wreck the city just to catch some bad guys. He will smash through walls, dive from speeding vehicles, move back in time, fight an army (literally) and cut his hands to free himself from a snare (not that he has done that but … he could). I would advise that you don’t become his enemy. In fact, you could be his side-kick or better yet, you could be him! All you have to do is in the ancient script of the art of dressing that will channel up the chi from your veins and this will show in your action. You know, like breaking people’s necks and what not.

Kung Fury’s look is not a difficult one to rock but it takes the heart of a mastiff, the machismo of a Spanish Lucha libre wrestler, the charisma of a misled teenager on drugs, and the mojo of a superstar to pull off properly.

Quite frankly, these qualities are important, and you can have all the heart you want, but if you have to defeat Adolf Hitler, aka “Kung Fuhrer” aka “the ultimate nemesis” looking like that, well… the big Thor guy who is at the bottom of the food chain will destroy you first.

Keep reading below to learn how to dress like Kung Fury for cosplay or halloween.

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Kung Fury Costume Ideas

Hanabushi KUNG-FU-PIGGY Krisu.Miushy(Cristian Cagnune) Cosplay Wig

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger Cosplay Costume

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Kung Fury


I cannot overstate just how much this will raise your coolness factor. Make sure to look in the mirror and gauge how round or square your face is. If round, do frames that are square so you summon a more lean and cornered look. If your face is square, then circular glasses are your thing.

Denim Jeans:

It’s all in the jeans. Imagine fighting your rival in sweatpants. He won’t respect you even if he loses! Kung Fury’s jeans are a light stonewash color. If you can’t find that, they could be blue but preferably, a dark color like grey or black will clinch the deal.

Red Shirt:

I won’t mention how much guys stay away from colors like red and pink. Now imagine wearing red and still having your street cred intact. You’re the ultimate warrior! You rock that red color without a whim of unease, and if anyone gives you a critical eye, you rock them too.

Slim Fit Leather Jacket:

Kung Fury wears a black leather jacket. Kung Fury understands that wearing a heavy jacket during a fight instills fear within your enemies.He wouldn’t take it off even if he was trudging through the Sahara desert.

Fingerless Gloves:

Kung Fury wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves. They should be black. You can always improvise by cutting some black cloth and wrapping them around your hands and fingers. These will keep you from bruising yourself when you make that finishing knockout punch.

Hachimaki Red Headband:

You can order this on Amazon but if you don’t want to go over your budget, improvise with a bandana that’ll get blown by the wind while you bust out the moves. You may also use a red tie. It will help if it’s in color red as this confuses the enemy, and they really never see it coming. Just in case they do, the red mesmerizes and distracts them to the point they are out cold, dead or alive, your pick depending on how hard you swung that bandana.

Police Badge:

To pull off the Kung Fury look you will also need a silver police badge. You can design one with a pair of scissors and paint using a thin cardboard. You could also order a prop police badge from Amazon. In case you can’t find one, you can just ignore it as Kung Fury turns that in way at the beginning of the movie, anyway.

Shoulder Holster:

You can tie a black belt around your duffle bag, or cut one arm from an ordinary bag to achieve this look. You can also buy a real shoulder holster but if you have one already, cheers!

Red Sneakers:

Kung Fury completes his look with red high-top converse sneakers. You can dye your old shoes red or buy new ones if you have the budget.

About Kung Fury


I’m gonna go back in time to Nazi Germany and kill Hitler once and for all.

Kung Fury in Action

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