Mr. Clean Costume Guide

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Mr. Clean Costume Guide

Clean up at your next convention or Halloween party with our quick and simple Mr. Clean costume guide.

Since the days of black-and-white television, Mr. Clean has long been known as a friendly, helpful guy who stops by households to give homeowners the power of strong cleaning products. Over the years he has changed slightly in appearance, and whereas he was once played by a live human actor he now exists as an animated cartoon man.

Nevertheless, he’s still just as lovable as he was when he made his debut in 1957, and his face continues to appear in the cupboards of households all over the world.

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Mr. Clean Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Mr. Clean

Bald Head and Facial Hair:

In order to pull of Mr. Clean’s iconic look, you’ll need a completely bald and shiny head. To recreate a similar look for your costume, you can shave your head, or you can wear a Halloween latex costume bald cap instead.

Use plastic clips or elastics to keep your natural hair hidden beneath the cap.

He also has very thick white pushy eyebrows. Use white eye shadow or Halloween face paint to add this extra effect.

Don’t forget to smile, too! Mr. Clean is almost always depicted as a cheerful and smiling man.


Mr. Clean has had multiple outfits during his longtime run as Proctor & Gamble’s most popular mascot, including a formal business suit and going around completely topless, but his most iconic look is his white scrub-suit, which consists of a lightweight white short-sleeved shirt, a white belt and creased white pants.

This is super-easy to recreate with just a few common clothing items you can purchase on Amazon.


Mr. Clean wears a gold hoop earring in one ear, a noticeable and classic detail which he’s had since his first conception. You can use a fake plastic clip-on costume earring or a real earring.

Pick up a pair of white rubber shoes, as well – Mr. Clean is never seen without them!

Bring a bottle of Mr. Clean product with you, too – you can find this in the chemical cleaning aisle of most grocery stores and supermarkets, or you can order a bottle online from any large retail website.

Sparkling Clean:

Mr. Clean makes things so clean that household fixtures visibly sparkle in TV commercials he appears in!

For an extra touch of fun for your costume, throw a very light dusting of silver or blue craft glitter over yourself to add a few sparkles. Dust off any excess glitter from your costume back into the container.

You can buy craft glitter from most retail websites and art supply stores.

Practice singing Mr. Clean’s trademark jingle as well so you can catch everybody’s attention at your upcoming event!