Prison Mike Costume Guide

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Prison Mike Costume Guide

Bring some eccentric comedy to your next cosplay scene with a DIY Prison Mike costume from the hit comedy sitcom series The Office! You’ll be sure to be the life of the party with Mike’s bright bandana do-rag, his prison slang and his formal businesswear, all included in this costume guide to help you bring this hilarious exaggeration of prison culture to life!

“Prison Mike” is a persona created by Michael, a version of himself who embodies every bad pop culture stereotype of a hardcore convict’s lifestyle. Getting his inspiration mainly from cheesy movies and internet research, Prison Mike emulates fellow character Martin (a former convict himself due to insider trading, much to his embarrassment) by making wild claims, including that the Dementors from the Harry Potter series were the worst part of his experience, and that in prison, the food is “nothing but gruel”.

Not only has Prison Mike become a widely popular internet meme, but he’s the perfect character for any cosplayer or trick-or-treater with a good sense of humor.

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Prison Mike Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Prison Mike from The Office


Prison Mike still has Michael’s regular dark brown hair, but added to this, he wears a bright purple do-rag style bandana for the appearance of a hardened thug. The bandana has a white flower and paisley pattern printed on it.

You can purchase do-rags and bandanas in various colors online from retail websites, wholesale websites and accessories shops. For your hair, you can dye your hair dark brown or use a simple brown costume wig instead.

Squinty Eye:

Prison Mike squints one eye often while talking, giving off the impression that he was injured in a fight. Practice squinting one eye yourself to copy Prison Mike’s unforgettable facial expression.


Prison Mike beneath the disguise is still Michael, and thus wears the same formal corporate business suit consisting of a white dress shirt, a black blazer and matching black dress pants.

You can purchase business suits and individual clothing supplies online from retail websites and shopping malls to rebuild this look for your costume.


Prison Mike wears a bold and busy-patterned multicolored necktie, a basic black wristwatch and black dress shoes. You can purchase neckties in a variety of patterns.

Check jewelry stores and retail websites for Mike’s wristwatch, and for his black shoes, look for a similar pair at shoe stores or retail websites, preferably with black shoelaces just like Mike’s.

Martin Nash:

Michael’s “Prison Mike” costume was inspired by Michael himself learning that his new colleague, Martin, was caught and convicted after an insider trading scandal. Much to Martin’s discomfort, Michael decides to host an impromptu meeting where he dresses up as Prison Mike and briefs his employees on the uglier aspects of being a criminal.

For an extra addition to your costume, get one of your friends to dress up as Martin Nash and attend your next cosplay scene or Halloween party as this brief but memorable pair of office workers together.

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