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Rick Grimes Costume Guide

DIY Rick Grimes TWD Season 1 Deputy Costume Guide

Rick Grimes Sheriff Outfit: DIY Costume Guide

Rick Grimes is a deputy sheriff who awakes from a coma to find that the world has succumb to a zombie apocalypse. Upon escaping the hospital through hordes of the walking dead, Rick joins a band of survivors in Atlanta, including his wife and son. Throughout The Walking Dead series Rick suffers through unimaginable trauma and heartache but remains committed to guiding his friends to safety in mad, mad world that includes not only unrelenting zombie hordes, but also sadistic mad men who lead communities across the wasteland.

Grimes wears a variety of different outfits throughout the series. The sheriff deputy uniform from Season 1 remains one of his most iconic looks and is considered a cosplay and halloween favorite.

See below to learn how to make your own Rick Grimes sheriff deputy costume for cosplay and halloween.

Rick Grimes Costume Ideas

Sheriff Deputy Uniform from the Walking Dead Season 1

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Rick Grimes Cosplay Costume

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How to Dress Like Rick Grimes’ Sheriff Outfit from the Walking Dead

Sheriff Hat:

At the beginning of the series Rick Grimes wears a brown sheriff’s hat with tan-colored tassels which is part of his uniform. This iconic hat is eventually handed down to his son Carl. 

Sheriff Uniform:

Rick Grimes was a sheriff deputy for King County in Georgia. His uniform consisted of a tan short-sleeve, button up collared shirt, dark brown pants and brown cowboy boots. He kept his uniform pretty clean considering he was wandering around a zombie apocalypse… up until the point he had to gut a zombie and wear its guts to move through the hordes undetected.


As a sheriff deputy, Rick Grimes wears a King County sheriff’s badge and is equipped with a pistol which he holsters at his side. He also has a walkie talkie which he uses to communicate with another survivor named Morgan early on in the series.

About Rick Grimes


“This is how we survive: We tell ourselves we are the walking dead.”

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Rick Grimes in Action

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