Wendy Peffercorn Costume Guide

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Wendy Peffercorn Costume Guide

In The Sandlot, a nostalgic trip down memory lane set in the postwar era of the 1950’s, Wendy Peffercorn is first introduced as a lifeguard at a public swimming pool. Squints, a nerdy younger boy, pretends to need her help so she’ll give him the “Kiss of Life” usually administered to drowning victims. His plan works, but it’s not quite love at first sight.

Pair this look with a Squints costume.

When she learns that Squints tricked her to get a smooch in front of his pals from the baseball game, she calls him a “pervert” and angrily storms off, banning the boys from ever using the pool again all summer. Later on though, she and Squints become close friends. Every time he sneaks past the pool, the two can’t help sharing a private smile. Wendy looks like the perfect poster girl from a retro television commercial, and she’s a great character to dress up as.

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Wendy Peffercorn Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Wendy Peffercorn from ‘Sandlot’


Wendy has bleached blonde shoulder-length hair, complete with bangs and curly locks held back in a small bright red bow. To get the perfect look for a costume, you can either style your hair or wear a blonde wig.

Her red bow is formed from a thin ribbon tied in place, but you can also use a red hair scrunchie or fabric headband. To keep the curls in place, use hairspray.

Bathing Suit:

The local community swimming pool is where Wendy first encounters the Sandlot gang, so she has her signature bright red one-piece bathing suit, adorned with a white lifeguard symbol on the front. Of course, bathing suits of the 1950’s were different than today’s, and Wendy’s bathing suit has legs, sort of resembling a pair of red shorts and a red tank top sewn together.

Any red one-piece lifeguard suit can work, or you can try making your own. You might not be going for a dive in those deep turquoise waters with your Wendy Peffercorn costume, but you’ll stand out at any Halloween party or cosplay convention!


Wendy wears horn-rimmed white sunglasses. She also carries a small brown bottle of suntan oil. If you can’t find a bottle of oil you can use a recycled root beer bottle, and make a label by taping paper to it and writing on it with a marker. You can use a light dusting of bronze face powder to get the look of Wendy’s tan.

She also wears makeup, and luckily for anyone who wants to master her routine for Halloween, makeup of the 1950’s is simple to do. All you need is some mascara and some smoky blue eye shadow, and some bright red lipstick to match her hair bow and swim attire!

If you love the retro style of the 1950’s, say cheese and take a few snapshots of your costume with some vintage film grain photo filters for that classic super 8 home movie look. Wendy Peffercorn is as timeless a costume as her character, and the life of any party.

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Ugh! Little Pervert!

Wendy Peffercorn in Action

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