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Yellow Pearl Costume Guide

DIY Yellow Pearl from Steven Universe Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween

Yellow Pearl Costume: DIY Guide

Yellow Pearl is a character in the Steven Universe animated series. Though her appearance is similar to that of Pearl from the Crystal Gems as well as Blue Pearl, she is a Homeworld Gem. A feature that sets Yellow Pearl apart is her beige one-piece suit that swoops in a diamond shape over her chest.

Continue below to learn how to make your own Yellow Pearl costume for cosplay or halloween.

How to Dress Like Yellow Pearl

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Cosplay Examples

Yellow Pearl Costume Breakdown


Yellow Pearl wears a beige maillot that exposes her legs and goes up her torso, highlighting a diamond shaped insignia across her chest. This piece is completed with yellow, bulging shoulder sleeves that have a faint opacity. This look can be achieved by using a translucent lace of the same color. Though left to personal preference, one can opt for canary yellow body paint.

Leg Apparel

One thing that makes the Yellow Pearl costume unique is the separate pieces of clothing that come together to give the complete look. One of these is her vivid orange stockings. This is then complimented by her yellow flat shoes.

One of Yellow Pearl’s defining features is a large gemstone crested on her chest. This gem can be easily replicated by using a flat acrylic gemstone frequently used in arts and crafts.


Yellow Pearl has a rather unique hairstyle. She has a typical pixie hairstyle that elongates to a pointed tip. It is styled in a bob fashion with puffy ends. Skirting her hairline are some odd bangs, with a diamond-shaped lock that extends from the middle of her head. If you are not keen on getting your hands dirty and tangled, you can just go with a glowing yellow wig.


Yellow Pearl is instantly recognizable by her yellow complexion. To create a convincing costume, it is a good idea to use yellow body paint for a realistic look. A yellow bodysuit can also be used to cover most of your body to avoid the mess of body paint.


To best recreate the Yellow Pearl costume, the best material to go for is spandex. Chiffon and knee socks all come together quite well. For the gemstone, the best option is to go with oval pearl pieces. Polished specimens are also recommended as they are easy to paint on and give a shiny luster that makes for a believable gemstone.


Yellow Pearl is undoubtedly one of the more challenging outfits to pull off. This doesn’t necessarily make it difficult but requires an elaborate selection of the various clothing pieces and accessories. By using the above-mentioned materials, along with matching body paint, it is possible to pull off the perfect Yellow Pearl costume.

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