Top 15 Best Anime Costumes For Kids

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Kids love anime. Kids love cosplay as well. Let’s bring the best of both worlds. These anime costumes for kids are going to make anyone’s day. Plus, the happiness when they’re acting like the character. Just precious.

1. Goku kids costume:

It brings in the exact look. Any kid who got into Dragon Ball recently wouldn’t be able to resist it. The old gabi from Dragon Ball, it’s just nostalgia at its best. It’s like that naughty rambunctious kid is back at it again. Dragon Ball laid the foundation of the anime industry itself. It’s responsible for the growth of anime.

This goku cosplay outfit is perfect for any kid who’s new to the show. This anime costume for kids is just what your child needs.

Kids love goku. They try to act just like him, doing all kinds of stuff. It’ll make any kid’s day just by having this on their birthday. Taking the kid to an expo would be the best trip together.

The photos would be worth a million bucks. It’s comfortable and light and easy to walk around in. That makes it a great pick.

2. Pokemon Child’s Ash costume:

This one’s for the newbies who got into Pokemon all of a sudden. The fans are mostly kids now-a-days which makes it perfect. Kids would love them some ash. This Ash cosplay outfit is perfect for all the new fans. It mimics the look pretty well and brings out the character.

It copies the details perfectly which makes it something to not miss out on. Plus, with the game so hot, you have to get this. Walking around with the latest Pokemon entry and the outfit. That just seals the deal. This version of the Ash anime kids costume is a banger. Every kid would love to have it. Let the little ones embark on the quest to become a master. A Pokemon master.

3. Uzumaki Naruto kids costume:

That good old innocent kid bullied by everyone. It was just sad looking at him being like that. But if you’re someone who wants to get hit by that dose. Someone who wants to have a taste of that nostalgia. That burst of memories hitting you head on. Then you need this Uzumaki Naruto kids cosplay suit.

It’s one of the best anime outfits for your child. Just imagine how happy he’d be wearing this. The kid’s been watching a lot of those Naruto DVD’s you had. Let him transform into the character himself with this Naruto cosplay attire. Going to a convention with both of you being dressed as him. Nothing could be better than that. Even Naruto would be proud and happy.

4. Kid kiki dress:

Kids love Ghibli movies. They’re just imagination at it’s very best. It makes everyone experience fantasy first hand.

Kiki’s delivery service is definitely one that stands out. I’m pretty sure your child loves it. Heck, even if you have a young cousin, he’s watched it twice or thrice. That’s just the magic of the movie.

Kiki flying all over the place with her broom, making kids have these dreams. It’s just cute and adorable. The kiki outfit is the best thing you could get. It’s really easy to walk around in and won’t be uncomfortable. Plus, the child can wear it on a regular day as well. How cool is that? It’s cute, simple and catches the eye. You should definitely get it.

5. Uchiha Sasuke outfit:

We need Mr. Cool from Naruto to come back. He was the hotshot back in the day. We all can agree that he’s lost a lot of it now being a dad. But it’s never too late now is it? Make everyone hop on to a time machine. Go all the way back to when we had the chunin exams and everything. Plus, you can add in others from the show as well.

The Sasuke kids cosplay attire is just perfect. It makes a great anime child costume that all kids would enjoy. Make the adults experience being a kid once again.

Make them remember those halcyon days that are long over. But living a memory won’t be bad every once in a while. The expo would love to have a child Sasuke walking around. It’s adorable and cute at the same time.

6. Luffy outfit:

The straw hat is here for the children. The time skip version of the Luffy costume is amazing. It brings in the exact look making it the perfect match. Making your child be a pirate king at such a young age. What’s better than that? The mugiwara would be more than happy to entertain.

I mean that’s what he’s been doing since day one. It’s light, comfortable and perfect for the summer season. Plus, it brings in the exact character. Makes you experience the East Blue feel that the character is full of. Your child would love to imagine being on that ship, hunting some pirates. Kids are just that adventurous. A great anime kids costume that the children just can’t resist. Don’t let it sell out without you getting one.

7. Nezuko Dress:

The girl who just shook the internet. The girl who made another show become a masterpiece. The Kamado Nezuko cosplay outfit is perfect for kids. As a mom and a daughter, you can do that perfect swap. You know, bring out the maximize, minimize effect and utilize it.

Make full use of the Nezuko dress with this secret. Don’t tell anyone else.
It’s a bit hard to walk around in for the kids who are too energetic. But they’ll get used to it after some practice so make sure they try it out.

You can also have some great pictures with the rest of the crew. It’s an amazing kids anime outfit for all the young ones out there. You can’t miss out on this by any means.

8. Akatsuki costume:

We’ve seen them act so deadly all the time. Better give it a rest with the Akatsuki kids cosplay outfit. I’m pretty sure no one expected this version of those hungry faces. It’s a great way to mix things up.

The Akatsuki coat is a great way to bring the gang back. They’ve been lurking in the shadows for too long now. They need to come out to instill fear once again.  All these new faces act a little too big for their own good.

Your kid would love this children cosplay costume. The happiness would be something else. Everyone would love to make their little angel happy. This is the perfect way to make that happen. The Akatsuki cosplay costume for kids is the way to go. Comfortable, light and classy at the same time.

9. Deku Hero costume:


The One-for-All holder is here to save the day. He just can’t turn a blind eye to kids no matter what. Making an enemy out of anyone if they’re in the wrong. The guy stops at nothing. Kids love that justice and bravery. Every kid wants to be like that when they grow up. Let’s make that dream come true this instant.

The Izuku Midoria costume makes a great children cosplay suit. You just have to get it no matter what. It’ll make your child be full of kindness and empathy in a second.

The hero costume is perfect to bring out the hero himself. It’s really soft and easy to walk around in. Plus, you can take off the mask if you feel like it. Or if the kid feels like it. Go all out with an All Might, Deku cosplay outfit combo. No one would be able to turn a blind eye to that.

10. Sarada outfit:

Boruto fans, unite this instant! The kids love Boruto for it features the legacy of a new kid. A kid just like them. We’re witnesses of the mesmerizing tale his father was a part of. But the new generation are more familiar with Boruto. That’s a given but at the same time they’re kinda missing out.

The Sarada cosplay outfit is perfect for all the fans out there. Your kid would love to bring the girl to life here in the real world. It’s an anime kids cosplay costume that every child would love to have. It brings in the exact look and makes you witness the character. At it’s very best.

You can also make the crew come together. Make the trio assemble and go on all kinds of adventures. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Everyone would love that.

11. Hinata costume:

Some more of Naruto. Kids would know her as Boruto’s mom. We know her as Naruto’s wife. But the original character from Naruto needs to come back. All the ogs would love to see her once again. The Hinata costume is the perfect blast from the past. Get ready to witness the very shy girl becoming real all of a sudden.

It’s an anime kids costume that Naruto fans would love. You can also make the siblings pull off Neji and Hinata. That would be really cool and something amazing. It’ll be the perfect thing for the winter season. Comfy, soft and warm. What more could anyone ask for? Making the character come to life while lying in your bed. That’s just how the Hinata cosplay outfit feels like.

12. Eri Dress:

My Hero Academia was all over the internet. Especially with all the hits it made with the last season. Overhaul and Eri showed us just what we were looking for. The meaning of the word hero brought in front of everyone. You can’t help but feel for the poor girl. Show your love for the character with this costume.

The Eri dress is a must have for all the fans out there. It’s the children anime costume that everyone would love. It can be a bit hard to get used to. The Eri cosplay outfit has a lot going on for it. That makes it a fan favorite.

Pulling up the Overhaul-Eri combo would be kind of funny. The expo would be full of people making you uncomfortable. You know, eyeing you all the time. But a Lemellion-Eri combo sounds pretty good too. Let’s go for that one instead. The Eri costume captures all the details. That makes it a great fit.

13. Trunks kids costume:

Dragon Ball Z, making the fans come together. The Trunks outfit captures the look perfectly. All the details copied really well. The colors really vibrant, making you experience the show itself.

It’s a fantastic cosplay costume for children. Kids would love to make those scenes play out. Of course, without a sword cause otherwise it’ll be bad. It would make saber from the fate series come to life as well. It’s like a cross over everyone wanted but never got.

You can also have the Vegeta-Trunks duo there at the expo. It’s perfect for the fall season and would be classy at the same time. Nothing could be better than bringing in Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z at that as well.

14. Bulma costume:

We shouldn’t let the mom miss out on the fun. Let’s make the family come together in the best way possible. The Bulma cosplay outfit brings in everyone’s favorite girl that very instant.

She’s been around for a while now. It’s like that dose of nostalgia that never gets old. I’m pretty sure she was every boy’s crush back in the day. Don’t blame me if Vegeta beats you up though. He even went against Beerus cause of that. Who are you compared to the god of destruction?
Anyways, it’s a great anime kids costume that your child will love.

You can’t help but want to pull off that trio. Pulling off the entire family and catching up with Goku’s family. How cool would that be? Everyone would want to take a picture.

15. Kakashi child outfit:

Girls love her, I’m pretty sure. But a kid’s version of the Kakashi Hatake cosplay suit. It adds in that adorable element that makes it all the better. The Kakashi outfit captures the look really well. The character’s had one of the most impactful of roles in the anime.

He’s been responsible for so many character’s progression. He’s been behind so many names that are super Hollywood today. The guy deserves props for all that.

You can come up with the team 7 cosplay idea that people are a fan of. You’ll be the star of the show with your squad. That makes this children cosplay costume a treat for everyone. Your kid being the leader would be all the cuter. Let’s make that happen as soon as possible.

16. Boruto costume:

The new kid that everyone expects a little too much from. With his story unfolding, kids love him to pieces. That makes the Boruto cosplay outfit something that every child would want. It brings in the exact look from the anime. Makes people see the very kid standing next to Naruto.

Pull off the perfect father son cosplay that people love to watch. Heck, you can even make the entire family come together. That makes it an anime kids costume that people would be looking forward to.

You can also mix things up a bit with Sarada and the others. Make the kids have a party of their own. But that Naruto idea isn’t too bad either. I’ll leave it up to you. Decide for yourself and make it happen in the best way possible.

17. Gohan outfit:

The child who was raised by an alien. Who better to cosplay as in an anime full of aliens? The only human there of course. The Gohan cosplay costume brings in the show itself in front of us. That makes us remember our childhood self sitting there. Sitting in front of that screen that we loved to the very core.

It’s an easy cosplay idea considering there’s not much to it. Plus, you have that Goku and Piccolo addition as well. That makes it all the better. Make both characters shine at their very best.

Make them both bring in the nostalgia. Filming a video with Piccolo while you pull off those sick moves. That would be incredible. Would truly making a lot of people gather around you. Time to go viral real quick.

18. Raphtalia dress:

Naofumi isn’t the only one people love. We get it. Raphtalia is pretty up there as well. The Raphtalia costume is just the thing for all the girls. It would make everyone relive the show in an instant. Rewatching it wouldn’t even be necessary after that.

You’d remember all of it in a heartbeat. It’s a children anime costume that your kid would love to have. It will make them think that they’re going on an adventure.

You would be able to see their excitement from a mile away. The Raphtalia cosplay dress has that cute adorable side to it. It makes everyone’s heart melt in an instant. At the same time, it’s the perfect isekai dose of nostalgia.

Who wouldn’t want that now? Everyone loved the show after all. Can’t wait for the next season.

19. Meliodas costume:

It’s like we have the same character. The same face minus the naughty ero nature that he’s known for. The Meliodas outfit does complete justice to the name. It’s perfect for all those people who think that the height is the problem. Of course, when it comes to cosplay.

It’s an easy cosplay idea as well. That makes it a treat for everyone. This is the only way we can bring the Meliodas-Gilthunder duo. Make everyone see the combo that they’ve imagined so many times now.

It’s just a normal costume no matter how you look at it. There’s nothing crazy going on about it which makes it a good pick. Easy to walk around in, comfortable and light. It works well with any season and at any time of the year. That’s a great cosplay suit is you ask me.

20. King outfit:

We all wanted the chestifol wielder to amaze us here even for once. Well now we can make that wish come true ourselves with this. The King outfit is the best thing any fan could get. It makes a great anime kids costume.

It brings the character come to life just the way he looks like in the Seven Deadly Sins anime. That’s pretty cool and something that cosplay is all about.
You can also pull off a Diane and King combo that fans love.

But at the same time King alone isn’t bad either. Just be sure not to fight with Ban the moment you catch a glimpse of him. That would be bad. It’s got that pillow to it as well. That makes it all the more comfortable for anyone out there. You can also sleep whenever you feel like it. How cool is that?

How to choose the best anime costumes for your kids:

There are a number of things you have to look out for. Cosplaying itself is hard and even more so when kids are in the equation. But it isn’t impossible and we’ll show you just what we mean by that. We’ll talk you through the most important of things.

That will make you have a general idea as to what you’ll have to consider. Nothing too extraordinary or extravagant. Just simple tips that you’re already familiar with. No need to get all tense and anxious. So, with that being said, let’s get started.

1. Your child’s interest:

This is the first and foremost thing. If your child is in love with the character, he’ll love to dress up as him/her.
That will make everything go really well. The enthusiasm and everything will be there to fuel the cosplay. Plus, all those poses and all that energy. The photographs are going to be amazing.

2. The weather:

You can’t expect to have your child be all wrapped up in that heat. You know, all yak mode, ready to get those rashes that the sun is notorious for.

But at the same time, you can’t have your kid wear almost nothing. Especially when it’s freezing with Christmas right around the corner. The weather should be taken into consideration every time you’re going anywhere. Otherwise, a wrong choice would make the kid give up on cosplaying all together. We would never want it, now would we?

3. The stuff that the costume is made up of:

Generally, costumes that are comfortable are the better. They make kids more than willing to wear them for long periods. That’s what happens when it comes to cosplaying.

But on the other hand, wearing all these spikes with some heavy accessories. That’s going to make the child uncomfortable the entire time. Your child might not want to cosplay ever again after that.

4. Something that’s cute:

Kids love cute and adorable stuff. That’s something that attracts them the most. An outfit with those bunny ears or that fancy ribbon would be perfect. Girls are all about that stuff and would love to dress up like that again.

You can also add in those hero elements that some anime are known for. Especially My Hero Academia. Boys love being brave and everything. That would make everyone happy.

5. Accessories:

Normally, kids are a fan of weapons. Not actual weapons mind you. Just props with swords and shields coming up on top. Guns as well. These things just fuel their desire to cosplay. Plus, these characters are usually the coolest ones in an anime.

That fulfills the criteria that’s required to fall in love with a character. For example, Ichigo or Ash. Boys would love to go for Ichigo since he’s cooler. Plus, he’s got that sword and that mask that would turn out better.

So, try going for a flashy approach that the child would love. That would get them super hyped and excited. That’s just the thing we need.


These anime kids costumes are perfect for every child out there. Cosplaying is something that everyone loves. Being good at it at such a young age would be amazing. Plus, the child would love to make new friends there.

You can also make some great memories with those family cosplays. That’s the perfect family photo if there’s ever one. There’s a lot to choose from as well. Go for the one the kid loves and admires the most. Make the best come to life.

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